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US DHS releases strategy to secure 5G networks

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released its proposal for securing 5G networks and industry will have a big part.

“CISA relies on its partnership with the private sector to understand and manage risks posed to 5G technology,” the proposal said. “With the promise of connectivity between billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it is critical that CISA and industry collaborate to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that cybersecurity is prioritized within the design and development of 5G technology.”

The proposal is grouped into five strategic objectives (see graphic).

The bottom line of the proposal is that it will take collaboration. “[T]he nature of the risk environment precludes any single entity from managing risk entirely on its own,” it said, while “the stakes for safeguarding the network against these vulnerabilities could not be higher “given the potential for various applications and reliance of the network for future infrastructure.”

“5G technology represents a pivotal shift in the United States’ and world’s digital infrastructure, and with that shift come critical security and policymaking considerations,” said John Miller, senior counsel and senior VP for policy at tech association ITI. “The tech industry appreciates CISA’s leadership in recognizing where it can play a unique role in 5G implementation while simultaneously acknowledging the need for government-wide coordination to ensure a trusted and resilient 5G ecosystem.”

The Trump administration and Congress have already taken some steps to secure 5G networks and the supply chain, most notably by excluding tech from Chinese telecom suppliers ZTE and Huawei from government-subsidized broadband buildouts and government contracts.

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