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Coronavirus ‘Whistleblower’ Doctor Li Wenliang ‘Did Not Exist’ – Flashback

Readers might already know that I was on the trail of this one, and I think it is worthy of its own post. Last week, the doctor who was known as the “whistleblower” on the Chinese coronavirus was reported to have died from the virus. The red flags surrounding this death are redder than the Chinese flag is red. Something fishy absolutely happened here, and below I will explore what I believe we have witnessed: Li Wenliang did not exist (or if he did, he was a state agent and most certainly did not die of the coronavirus).

To start with, there are a few things unusual about the man in the first place. His being a whistleblower will lead people to think that he was some kind of pioneer of the coronavirus. This is not actually true. All the man is said to have done is send out a chat message in a messaging app between doctors only to warn them about this virus of which he had recently seen a batch. This does not read to me like the kind of thing that would be seen as problematic, even in Communist China. In fact, this sounds like perfectly normal behavior among doctors. The fact that this set of messages even made him be seen as some kind of “whistleblower” is unusual on its face. Almost like the man was being set up from the very beginning to be some kind of hero. He was an ophthalmologist for goodness sake, not a virologist or even a regular family medicine or emergency doc. An ophthalmologist. Perhaps that was an inside joke that the public needs to get their eyes checked.

The heart of my case for why this man was a complete fabrication is in the reports of his death on February 6th, 2020. In the morning, he was reported to be dead by the WHO and Chinese state-run media. If legitimate, a public death report like this between a global health agency and the Chinese government would only come if the man was known to be dead. As in, he is sitting in a morgue somewhere with a signed death certificate. Instead, only hours later, the local hospital in Wuhan announced (perhaps accidentally), that Li was in critical condition. This reeks of being a case where local officials had not been given an updated script to work from. There should be no question about whether a man is alive or dead. Either he is dead, or he is not. For the local hospital (where he was supposed to have been located) to speak of Li in terms of still breathing after the WHO and government media reported his death is EXTREMELY unusual.

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