Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 August 2020

Our experience at Pizza Huts – or Pizza Nuts as they are now

My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last October, and our first date was at Pizza Hut. When they built one where we had moved to, Eastbourne, we were straight there and weekly regulars with our 5 children. Let me share what happened today.

You book a table online or you can’t go at all, we watched many people get turned away as we ate today. As you go in, you have to pick up everything yourself, knives and fork, disposable menu, new Coronavirus rules. The staff won’t come near you unless you ask.

Sit down and ordering is via your mobile phone. The joke is we needed help with the app, so the manager came straight over and helped! Another family had their order taken in the old way by a waitress, then their teenage children got out their mobile phones, clever move I thought.

On the leaflet about Coronavirus changes, they say staff will not approach unless you wave the leaflet. But of course they brought drinks, starters, the main meal, puddings. So they were constantly coming to the table any way.

In fact as I read the Coronavirus leaflet to the family they roared with laughter. No.3 says – For your safety we’ve reduced our toilet facilities. When we stopped laughing we wondered if the toilet seats might have been removed or perhaps the whole toilet, just a hole in the ground.

No4 – says no self service. We’re working really hard to bring this back as soon as we can. Which is obviously a lie, they are waiting for instructions from government and their ‘scientific’ advisors.

No 6 says they have gone cashless, which made me wonder if you ate the food and only offered cash what would they do?

They are temperature checking all staff every shift, god help them on a sunny hot day like this! If they come close to you, we’ll check you are comfortable – which they didn’t bother to do anyway.

To be honest the place was half empty despite the socially distanced tables, we had 4 empty tables nearest to us for 2 hours we were there. Only 3 staff were on the customer side, much less then normal, so job cuts.

Thank you for everything you all do, thought this might add to the over all picture. Paul.’

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