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Dr. Thierry Schmitz: Ready to be swiped?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Bill Gates has been funding research for a vaccine to counter the
coronavirus. But this American, founder and former CEO of Microsoft, long the richest man in the
world, is a troubled character:
• Oddly enough, he has been planning a pandemic for 5 years.
• It alone contributes nearly 7% of the total budget of the World Health Organization (WHO).
• The WHO has not been quick enough to warn of the dangerousness of the coronavirus. Worse, it
accelerated the pandemic, denouncing countries that wanted to close their borders to China.
Strange when one knows the close relations between Bill Gates and Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus,
director general of the WHO and former minister of health in Ethiopia, as evidenced by a project of
the famous University of Yale.
Bill Gates is funding 7 vaccines to defeat coronavirus! It has invested $250 million, and draws a
portion from its $2.5 billion fund!

Why such an exuberant philanthropy?

Ready to be wiped like dogs?

It may be that this vaccine will be accompanied by a vaccine puffing device.
Yes, PUFFING, like dogs!
The project is the most official collaboration of the Bill Gates Foundation and MIT.
Finally…. Bill Gates doesn’t call it that. It is a «nano-tattoo», proof of your vaccination, which will be
essential for obtaining a passport, which will describe you in every way, up to the smallest detail of the
Nearly 3,000 refugees in Thailand, would have at least “benefited” from this scheme.
It goes without saying that if France adopts these systems, you could become compulsory – and if you
are given the choice, you risk becoming a real pariah if you do not accept that the government knows
at all times what you are doing.

Denmark has made vaccines mandatory

Another strange fact, that of the vote of Denmark to force vaccinate its citizens, while there was not
yet a shadow of a vaccine, on March 13, the day of the vote.It was only a matter of time before the
police acquired the right to go home on suspicion of Covid19.

You find this information that looks crazy in the Local, an online news site.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is very close to Denmark.
In partnership with the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark and the
Maternity Foundation, the Gates Foundation funds a very special digital application.
Its mission is to guide the mothers of poor countries, to provide them with useful gestures… but also
lists of drugs to buy, and instructions consistent with WHO recommendations.
What kind of vaccine would they recommend, if not Mr Gates?
Vaccinate to control the population

The introduction of a chip into the human body gives a disproportionate power to the person who
installs it, in terms of monitoring and even chemical modification of the body. If this technology were
to be coupled with that of cell-sized nanorobots, such as those manufactured by MIT, Mr Gates’
institutional partner, the possibilities of harm would be endless.
As such, it is important to know that the first nanorobot was built already ten years ago, and the grail
that nanoscience researchers want to achieve is the self-replicating nanorobot, which would ultimately
act as a virus.
But as Lord Acton says, power drives you crazy, and absolute power drives you absolutely crazy.
These are the tattoos from the concentration camps. Emmanuel Macron told us in his speech that he
was waiting for a vaccine, would it be that of Bill Gates?
Bill Gates to conquer France?
This would clearly not be Bill Gates’ first collaboration with the Institut Pasteur, because there are at
least three previous ones.
In any case, the dangerous accumulation of power in his hands, and the inability of the French to
protest in the public space because of the confinement, gives him the opportunity to do so without any

There’s nothing funny about this petition
Maybe you think this is all science fiction. And honestly, I’d rather it be.
The Americans take this very seriously. They have tabled a petition in the American Parliament
calling for an investigation into Bill Gates.The required number of petitioners has been reached.
This petition is suspicious that the coronavirus occurred unexpectedly in China following the World
Military Games in October, and… at a simulation organized in New York by the Mr Gates
Foundation, concerning a coronavirus, Event 201.
The newspaper Le Monde, which tries to deny the link between Bill Gates and the onset of the
coronavirus, finds no other answer than:
• The intentions of the foundation are good,
• The simulation took as an example a farm in Brazil,
• Simulation results do not match reality!

The petition also points to the fact that since the Coronavirus epidemic began, more data has never
been collected without the knowledge of citizens. She points to the fact that Bill Gates, the WHO and
UNICEF have been accused “credibly” of trying to sterilize Kenyan children, which has been reported
by independent media.
Especially as Bill Gates had said some time before, that it was possible to reduce the growth of the
African population from 10 to 15% «by lengthening the lifespan».
Finally, it is written in black and white: a partnership between Microsoft, the United Nations and other
powerful actors, called ID2020, has the «altruistic» goal of giving an indelible identity
1.1 billion people “who need it most”. You can guess that it will be quickly indispensable for
everyone… And one wonders why the term pandemic, which corresponds to a mortality of 12% of
the patients, was attributed by the WHO to the coronavirus that kills less than 3% of the people
affected, triggering the planetary confinement of one in two individuals. Believe me, I would
rather it be an April fool. Please prove it to me!

All this is frightening

That is why I ask you, please, to share this email as much as possible.Discuss it around you.
The worst thing would be for us to be caught off guard.
Dr. Thierry Schmitz


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