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Doctors Send Covid Vaccination Warning: Germany To Use Citizens As ‘Lab Rats’

In the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated video, Internal Medicine physician Dr. med. Walter Weber from Germany claims that the much-lauded Chinese coronavirus vaccine could have disastrous consequences. He also joins fellow physicians in raising concerns about the government response to the coronavirus.

The German physicians formed a website “Doctors for Education” where they are documenting data on the coronavirus. The website was formed by Hamburg-based physicians Walter Weber, Heiko Schöning, Marc Fiddike and Olav Müller-Liebenau. Like the physicians speaking out in America against the narrative on the coronavirus, the German doctors have been the target of a media smear campaign. 

“Vaccinations must remain voluntary,” the doctors state on their website. During a speech where the Antifa flag can be flying in the background by Dr. Weber’s Marxist dissenters, he stated in part: “[A]utopsies as proof of those who actually died of COVID-19 are urgently required throughout Germany.” 

The intense rush to push the coronavirus vaccine, particularly at a time when everything surrounding the virus has become so politicized, has raised major red flags. There are great unknowns about the long term safety impacts of any new vaccine. “Autoimmune diseases could result,” the doctor warned. “Cancer diseases could come out of it,” Dr. Weber explained. “We will only know that in five to ten years.”

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