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New Zealand Goes Into Lockdown After Just Four New Cases of Coronavirus

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has ordered parts of the country to go into lockdown after just four new cases of coronavirus, the country’s first in 102 days.

“The infected people are from the same family in south Auckland,” reports ABC News.

Ardern’s response to four people from the same family being infected was to order a three day “level three” lockdown of Auckland while the rest of the country will go into a level two lockdown.

Under level three restrictions, travel into Auckland is suspended while people will be asked to stay at home as businesses, bars, restaurants and schools all close. 

The total coronavirus death toll for New Zealand amounts to just 22 people. That’s right, 22 people, over the course of the entire pandemic.

“Yep, we have cases! All four of them,” writes a resident in a message posted on “Who’d have predicted that maintaining pristine isolation of NZ from the rest of the world couldn’t be maintained forever? Announced at 9pm tonight and enacted by midday tomorrow. Precisely and exactly as bizarre and arbitrary as the recent flip-flops in UK policy.”

If the Kiwis copy their close neighbors Australia, expect enforcement of the new lockdown measures to be draconian in nature.

Aussies in the state of Victoria have been subjected to an 8pm to 5am curfew and numerous videos have already emerged of police violently arresting people for violating it, including one case where a woman was put in a chokehold.

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