Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 August 2020

My Wife’s Death By Flu jab – An Email Sent To

Hi Gareth,

My reason for writing is to warn people of what has happened to my wife and potentially to many others.

My wife Pamela died on Friday 07 Aug in Hospital,I was with her at the end,but I need to explain how it was she died.
Pam had been left severely disabled since 2010 and lived in a Care home in Sunderland.

She was expected to die within a short time following a brainbleed, but she gradually recovered enough to live a tolerable existence for almost 10 years with me visiting daily and acting as her Advocate,as she was left mentally incapable so I had to act in her best interests.
For 9 years I always made sure to decline the yearly flujab on her behalf,as I believed it would be harmful to her.

Then in December 2019 I was horrified to discover that the Advanced Medical Practitioner to the Home had given her the jab without my consent or even informing the staff he was onsite and carrying out this act.
I immediately set about complaining to the Home and this has led to an official complaint via an NHS Advocate; a proceeding which was put on hold due to lockdown.

I received a letter that the case will now continue later this month; the letter came the day before she died.
I knew she was dying when in the days and weeks following the injection she was ill every other day, had a septic rash appear on her side and just before lockdown her face had fallen on one side; later diagnosed to me via phone as a possible ministroke.
Obviously I have seen little of Pam until recently when once-weekly outdoor visits were allowed but her deterioration was clear,and this week she was admitted to Hospital following a massive brainbleed with no life expectancy beyond days.
Over the last few months I have gone from doubts about the severity of the virus (but erring on caution in case it was a real threat to vulnerable people like Pam) to fully realising it was all set up for the tyrannical control and genocide of the old and sick.
My concern is WHY this cowboy doctor was in such a rush to vax her,and potentially other residents without informed consent?
Was he on a financial incentive the more jabs given the more pieces of silver he was paid?

What was in the vax?

I know deep in my heart that,even though Pam was severely ill,that this jab hastened her demise.
I am waiting to be told collect her death certificate.If covid is on there I will challenge.If she did die with covid in her system I am convinced it was in the vax,slowly killing her.
Whatever the verdict I want people to be alert in case their loved ones were injected,possibly without their knowledge.The word needs to get out.
As a quiet and retiring person I  do not like having to come forward with my information but I am willing to tell my story to a reliable person such as you or your father,but not to mainstream.
Whether the NHS Advocate can help,by having such anirresponsible doctor struck off,remains to be seen but this cavalier attitude must be exposed.

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