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A letter from a friend, to his MP

Dear James,

I hope you are well.Surely now it is clear to you that what I said about becoming a dystopia is starting to actually hit home? No? Greater Manchester was locked down, 4,000,000 people why? Because of a 25% rise in covid cases. Sounds a lot doesn’t it?

Do you know the figures? Let me explain. In the two weeks before the lockdown was announced 33,400 people were tested generating 19 positives (a test by the way that CANNOT distinguish Covid 19 from any other coronavirus, which is worrying don’t you think?) in the next 7 days 34,700 tests were performed generating 24 positives, in all 68,300 tests produced 43 positives, an incidence of 0.062% and a rise of 5 cases or in real terms 0.0073%. Hardly cause for concern.

The media and your constant propaganda fooled the public into believing there has been this massive 25% increases in positives. Little bit naughty don’t you think?Not only this, as with Leicester’s lockdown, there was no subsequent rise in hospital admissions or deaths. Can I ask, as a concerned constituent of yours, why your govt is now focusing on cases and not deaths which are now less than 1-2 per day, almost statistically meaningless but for the obvious tragedy for the families.

I would suggest that this ramping of fear is nothing more than a propaganda stunt to keep the public locked in this insanity. Can you not see what’s going on here? Are you not questioning the integrity of your own govt when it is being advised by known communists such as Susan Michie (zero Covid….which can never be achieved BTW) who absolutely despised Alexander Johnson. I refuse to call him Boris anymore as this makes him seem jovial and baffoonish, he is in actual fact a power hungry despot of the very worst kind and how YOU can follow these policies and exact the terror and devastation on your own country in the name of a virus that has a 99.9 survival rate amongst those unfortunate enough to test positive is beyond any credibility that I can afford you.

It is now clear this charade is being pushed to change society for the absolute worst. Division, old vs young, black vs white, infected vs non infected, workers vs furlough. These are classic divide and conquer tactics of communist regimes and if you think people don’t get it then your govt is very mistaken. You are pushing a disease, one so ‘lethal’ you need to take a dodgy test to see if you’ve even had it??? Come on!!! You don’t believe this nonsense do you?

You can’t, surely. It’s also great that Serco (a buddy system of businesses owned by friends of the govt, absolute cronyism BTW) are housing illegal immigrants (they are not asylum seekers as you probably prefer me to call them as they have come from another European city, France, who the British Govt have paid millions of pound to for policing of the crossings and therefore have had the opportunity to stay there…..) and these people are being housed in 4 star hotels with all and sundry being paid for with £40 a week spending money too!!!! Wow.

This is costing the taxpayer 4 Billion GBP per year. This being the case, may I please enquire as to how many of these people are being looked after in your/my constituency so that I might highlight the fantastic work you are doing ensuring the absolute destruction of national sovereignty and the breakdown of our borders? This whole scenario, covid nonsense, the massive contradictory advice, which the govt, by the way, chooses to enforce its policy and not the other way around, has opened my eyes to the world we live in. We DO NOT live in a democracy anymore and YOU, as our elected representative have played your part in this.

At no point have you asked one critical question of your govt and now you are a simple yes man to further your career. Get upset if you want. You won’t be as upset as the millions of people who will have no job in October, the thousands of families affected by your policies regarding care homes and automatic DNR orders letting people die without food or water in their own faeces. Disgusting isn’t it? You will not be as upset as the many grandparents across the country who are still too scared to see through this nonsense and cuddle their children and grand children.

The masked strangers on trains in abject fear of one another. Society is not the society I once loved, this is no longer the country I was so proud to live in. Your govt has destroyed all of that for money, the green agenda, medical fascism and total control.

Remember, the revolution eats its children first.

Warm regards

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