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‘The Royals visited my dad’s care home but I couldn’t’

A man has said it was “upsetting” to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit a care home where his father lives before his family was allowed to.

The Royal couple visited Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff on Wednesday.

Rhys Thomas said he was told he would be unable to see his father, former assembly member Owen John Thomas, until Friday after a carer tested positive. The care home said Mr Thomas’ father and others who had been isolated were not part of the visit.

Mr Thomas said he had accepted an apology from the “very good” care home. Mr Thomas said he had not seen his father, who has dementia and has been in the care home for 18 months, since the start of July.

“It’s a bit upsetting that we can’t go but the Royal Family are allowed to go there and play bingo,” he told BBC Wales.

“We didn’t know about it beforehand. Maybe the care home didn’t know about it in advance, so I’m not critical of not knowing.”

While he said he understands the benefits of the visit to “boost morale”, Mr Thomas said it was a “bit insensitive”.

“I’m happy with the home – they provide very, very good care,” he explained. “I sent an email complaining, and I have had two phone calls from the care home today trying to explain. I accept their apology.

“It’s nothing to do with being against the visit per se – some people of a certain generation would have appreciated that.”

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