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One Percent Bank Of England Partners With One Percent Accenture For New Payment System

The Bank of England is the most powerful Central Bank in the world, other than the Federal Reserve in the U.S. BOE is driving toward Digital Currency (CBDC) and the latest target date is 2025. BOE’s partnership with Accenture is a Technocrat marriage made in Hades. ⁃ TN Editor

Last week it was announced by the Bank of England that they had appointed Accenture, a professional services company, as their ‘Technology Delivery Partner‘ for the renewal of the UK’s Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) payment system. The news was in keeping with the BOE’s timeline of deciding upon a tech partner by the summer of 2020.

Before looking at the wider implications of Accenture’s partnership with the bank, it is worthwhile noting a couple of things about the company.

First, aside from their new found relationship with the BOE, Accenture is a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum and has been for twenty years. This is the same WEF that is pushing vociferously the concept of a ‘Great Reset‘ in the areas of the economy, society, geopolitics, the environment and technology.

Second, Accenture provide R3 with IT solutions. R3 are an ‘enterprise blockchain software firm‘ that run a distributed ledger based platform called ‘Corda‘. This is relevant because in 2018, R3 were among several other institutions that took part in a BOE led ‘RTGS Renewal Programme Proof of Concept‘. The point of the concept was to see if the systems of R3 and their counterparts could connect to the renewed RTGS. The end result showed that they could.

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