Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 4 August 2020

Turn off the News and Release the grip of Fear

Habits are hard to break, it’s like having an algorithm in your brain that can’t be reprogrammed. Akin to the way the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, it appears it cannot be changed.

Activities the majority of people do daily, weekly and yearly without really thinking what they are doing is; watching the news, reading the newspaper, talking about other people, keeping up with social media and so on.

In any one of the above aforementioned subjects, when broken down the subject matter is almost entirely negative. When one talks about other people through social media, is it usually because they are complimenting them or sending prayers or good thoughts? Or is it because one is criticizing, envious and jealous of the other? Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes social media spreads positive thoughts to other people, however this really depends on the mind set of the individual.

The news is something different altogether, it is a constant stream of negativity steeped in terrible ignorance. Most of the major channels are owned and operated by the same people, who wish to send the same fearful message out. The solution is very simple, turn it off and stop tuning in because it is meant to keep folks in a negative state of mind.

The negative mindset is very common because many people were brought up this way; it is the method schools and life have taught us; and thus it became the law of the street, or the unwritten law of life. If you were lucky enough to be brought up in a positive environment, where love, confidence and empathy were discussed often, then it’s likely you are one of the few in the percentage of talking positively about each other, and are likely very happy. However, for the rest, chances are you have chatted about why you do not have that car, that boat, why that person got that job, how come that guy has that great looking wife and always appears so happy.

Judging becomes the norm and is not even considered negative, when truly judgement is wasting energy on situations out of one’s control. Is there are harsher system of judgement than the news? Watching the news every night at the same time feeds negative subject matter into your conscious and subconscious mind like a spoon feeds a baby food, it’s the ultimate form of gossip presented “professionally”. Like life and school it’s a program to keep people suppressed and in a state of fear. For the majority of time the same can be said with social media; there is much bullying which goes on using these channels and constant chattering about other people.

Start looking at the world from a different perspective and unlearn what is learned. Resist watching and/or reading the news, or at least keep it to a bare minimum and seek out alternative news. This practice will ensure the stress, fear and worried mind will slowly disappear. Speak positively about other people, or do not chat at all about them because gossip is a major form of insecurity.

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