Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 August 2020

‘Head teacher’ speaks out against psychological abuse of children under ‘Covid’ tyranny and the shocking levels of programming already achieved. Parents – where are you?

Dear David,

Firstly, before I say anything else I want to say thank you. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done for decades, for your continual perseverance and for your unwavering love and action for awakening the world.

I’m blessed to be awake, aware and able to research everything within an inch of its life. I have been a teacher since I left university and am now a head teacher of an “outstanding” primary school. My life purpose is children and teaching. Since a very young age I knew I would be not just a teacher but a head.

During all of this Covid nonsense, I have really struggled with the expectations of my superiors to follow risk assessments and routines contradicting what I know to be true. I am now at the point where I can go on no more. I cannot, and will not, be in a position where children are made to wear masks in school and I agree with you this is a matter of time away. As fearful as I am, for personal ramifications my choices may have, I am moving away from thoughts about myself and thoughts for the children in my care and in other schools in the country and the world.

During lockdown children have been deprived of interactions with their peers, let alone the impact on their education. When we consider vulnerable children, the impact is even greater. When some children returned in June, the shock was clear to see in their eyes, ‘rabbit in headlights’ sprang to mind. The speed of which they got used to the new dictatorial measures was staggeringly scary – imagine hands outstretched in advance to receive hand sanitizer as if it were holy communion. Seeing children scared to walk near each other, not wanting to hug each other and for personally having to explain why a child could not hug me on the gate when they returned to school. We say what a blessing it is that children are resilient and adapt quickly but in this case it does nothing to illustrate the level of programming that is being achieved. The impact so far has been smaller with only a minority of children returning, come September, all children will be subjected to these measures let alone more – desks all facing the front, regular hand cleaning and sanitizer, teachers scared to leave the front of the class, separate break times from other year groups and changes to the curriculum and classrooms to minimise contamination.

All educators must stand up to stop this happening. We all know that it is our duty to safeguard the children against abuse: physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. This cannot continue.

If you wish to use my words, it would be an absolute privilege – just please anonymise them (I’m not quite free of fear yet – but I promise I’m getting there!)

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