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Prospects of getting a graduate job under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic

According to research, the number of unemployed graduates has increased dramatically following the fallout of the global coronavirus pandemic. It is natural to feel anxious in a situation where the future of so many people’s educational and professional careers are at stake. According to Trading Economist, there has been more than a 20% increase in unemployment since the beginning of lockdown.  Most people are likely wondering how long the effects of the pandemic will continue to cause problems for job seekers.

There have been cases of fresh graduates being let go from their first job due to the financial crisis their companies have been put in. It’s hard to stay calm in such a dominating crisis whilst living on a low budget. There are many trusted recruitment agencies and job search websites such as Zoek, who help graduates discover better employment opportunities by finding more accurate job matches.

Prospects for getting a job following this pandemic

There are many hurdles on the way to success for recent graduates and students in their final years, more so now than in recent years because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many companies have canceled interviews, internships, work experience placements and rescinded job offers. Thankfully, there is support being drafted up to help graduates get into employment.

Services offered by universities and colleges 

After a review of the dip in graduate job prospects after finishing their degree this summer, most universities and colleges are offering various programs to polish the skills of their students further. The pandemic, if long lasting could create a backlog of candidates next year, all applying for the same jobs. So, institutes are preparing their students to meet these challenges by getting hands-on experience by offering the following services:

  • Help to create a compelling CV and a creative portfolio that showcases their strengths
  • Organising networking events at which students will get the chance to meet employers from some renowned companies
  • Preparation for job interviews 
  • Conducting webinars that will guide the students with best career advice and guidance for future job progress

Acquiring new skills during this pandemic

It’s advisable by experts to attain unique skillsets to allow you to stand out amongst the crowd. One benefit the pandemic has awarded new graduates is plenty of free time to learn new things related to their field of study or future career goals. Many part-time jobs have become available, especially at supermarkets that can help an unemployed graduate to earn a reasonable amount of money to get them by, until companies start hiring again. It’s not all doom and gloom though, with thousands of businesses still looking to fill graduate job vacancies.

More job research and planning

Many graduates in the UK are looking at the bright side of this current pandemic situation. They are focusing more on research and planning for their desired jobs. They are mapping the gaps in their skill sets that are creating obstacles in their path to success. Zoek provides an excellent opportunity for unemployed graduates to narrow down their job search to highly targeted job matches, as well as an Info Hub that’s packed full of insightful job seekers blogs, career guides and industry news.

Seek online jobs that allow working from home

There are more companies than ever who are open to working from home roles. Thousands of positions have become available now offering the ability for employees to work from home. This means you could work for employers anywhere in the UK, broadening your job search. Some industries that are well-known for the ability to work from home are marketing, sales, and customer service, along with many more industries as the world continues to adapt.

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