Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 July 2020

Elite-owned British Medical Association now demands shop workers wear masks which just happens to be part of the elite plan for masks for all. There is another option – tell them to stick it where the sun never shines

Shop staff should be wearing face coverings in the same way that customers are required to, according to the British Medical Association which has criticised the “confusing” Government policy.

Friday marked the first day that people in England have been legally obliged to wear a face covering in shops, shopping centres, banks, takeaway outlets, post offices, sandwich shops and supermarkets. While staff do not currently have to follow the rules, the BMA says they should also apply to workers to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, unless there are additional mitigations such as the use of barriers or screens.

The BMA said the current situation is “entirely illogical” and said employers should protect their staff and customers by requiring both to wear face coverings in the absence of a Government mandate.

The union believes that face coverings should be worn in all settings where physical distancing between people from different “bubbles” is not possible and no other mitigating measures are put in place.

The BMA is also concerned that some staff are wearing visors instead of masks, which are likely to offer much less protection against transmission from the wearer to others, and should only be worn in addition to face coverings for the purpose of protecting the wearer’s eyes.

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