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Customizable LED tape lights for home and outdoor use

Are you a DIY and home décor enthusiast and looking for extra brightening LED tape lights? Do you want to illuminate your home and favorite living areas?

Then you are in the right place. LED tape lights are widely used due to their ease of installation, minimum power consumption, efficiency, flexibility, lesser heat production, safety, and brightness. These LED tape lights can be used in home, kitchens, under stair lighting, under cabinet lighting, and are ideal for amusement and party decorations. If kept intact, these LED tape lights are harmless to children and adult users. 


  • Color: TheLED tape lights come in different colors, and you can choose single-color or multi-colors according to your requirements.If you select RGB LED tape lights, you will be able to adjust the tape lights to any color you want.
  • Strong adhesive tape: Strong adhesive characteristic of the tape increases the life of the LED lights attached to it. The tape has eliminated the need for installing brackets and mounts.The input voltage of 12V DC makes it more flexible and easy to adjust according to the required length. The elasticity of the tape allows it to bend and fold as per requirement. Unlike other fluorescent tubes and LED lights, these LED tape lights can be easily fixed in confined spaces to create an extra glow. 
  • Easy installation: You simply don’t need to be a professional electrician to install them. The user-friendly adhesive tape can be carefully adjusted on your desired place keeping in mind that these are not waterproof ones. The lights can be cut along the cutting marks after every 3 LEDs, and this won’t damage the rest of the LED tape lights. Only the end that is connected to the controller can be used after it’s being split into smaller sections. 
  • Safe for indoor use: The lights are designed within a safe limit of power supply of 4.8 W/M. The lights are resistant to electric discharge and shocks. The lights are safe to touch as they don’t contain lead and mercury, and have a little heat output. Moreover, the LED tape lights don’t emit UV or IR radiations. These lights are really energy efficient and can cut down the electricity expenses to a minimum due to its power-saving wattage of 200 W. 
  • Extended life span: These lights have a longer life span of 50000 hrs. with 2 years of warranty. The LED lights remain immovable during unstable electric supply, unlike other fluorescent bulbs that start vibrating. The longer lifespan has reduced the chances of replacement with new lamps or led lights, thus saving the cost and time.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility of the tap LED lights has made them versatile. These lights can bend upon their back and can be folded along 90° corners without damaging the tape. The flexibility of the LED tape lights can be used creatively for decorative purposes while organizing an event. 

How to use tap LED lights

  1. Unroll the tape LED lights and cut it to the desired length (if required) and paste it in a clean and dry place. 
  2. You can use the connector provided along with the package to connect the strips.
  3.  Try using the adapter that complies with the power supply of the strips.
  4. The LED lights can be firmly attached to the surface through 3M adhesive tape which is attached to them.
  5.  Additionally, hooks can be used with the lights for strong adhesion.

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