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Lying BBC’s ‘Fact Checker’ Mask Claims Are So Full Of Holes

Friday 24th July was England’s official Mask Day as face coverings in public are made compulsory across the nation. But as we saw earlier this year in China, they have more symbolic than medical impact.

But why now? The data shows the death rate plummeting and we have “flattened the curve” (see euromomo.eugraph below) yet politicians belatedly mandate their use. This irrational new measure – after the event – is being exposed as purely political and the BBC are right behind the scam.

Dissenters from this Orwellian nightmare who dare reveal the dangers of mask wearing are ridiculed. Below we dissect the BBC’s ‘Coronavirus: ‘Deadly masks’ claims debunked’  (Jack Goodman and Flora Carmichael) who present a case based on bait and switch, anecdote and bias [1]

As self-styled ‘fact checkers’ the authors, Goodman and Carmichael, cite no peer-reviewed evidence and rely exclusively on the claims of a single medical ‘expert’ in the employ of vaccine promoters.

Moreover, the entire BBC article revolves around not trying to convince you masks are good, but that no harm will befall you when wearing one. NOWHERE is there made a scientific case based on any benefits of mask wearing by healthy citizens.

These ‘journalists’ don’t touch that subject because the World Health Organisation (WHO) – among numerous other authorities – has publicly advised against healthy people masking up. [2]

Goodman and Flora Carmichael start thus:

“The BBC’s anti-disinformation team has been investigating false and misleading claims about the health risks of face masks and coverings being shared on social media.”

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