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Australian ‘Free Man’ confronts Victorian Premier over annual flu deaths falling as ‘Covid-19 deaths’ increased – it’s not re designation of the same symptoms or anything. That would be a conspiracy theory


2019 season:
287 deaths (to July 8, 2019)

2020 season:
36 deaths (to July 12, 2020)



2020 season:
139 deaths (to July 24, 2020)

Note, quite clearly, that the sharp fall in influenza deaths from 287 deaths to 36 deaths between the 2019 and 2020 seasons, display quite obviously that the 139 deaths in 2020 attributed to “CoVid19” (which has never been scientifically proven to exist yet is said to have precisely the same symptoms as influenza) are simply FLU DEATHS!!!!

Furthermore, if you add the 2020 influenza season deaths and “CoVid19” deaths of 2020 (i.e. 36 + 139), the 175 total of deaths is still dwarfed by the 287 deaths recorded attributed to influenza in Australia in the 2019 season.

Then, couple these glaring statistics with the fact that there is a 99.94% recovery rate for so-called “CoVid19” cases of infection (i.e. the vast majority of “cases” experiencing mild flu symptoms for a few days, if at all)

Therefore, my question to you, Mr Andrews, is, in the absence of global political propaganda, and the political propaganda of your own Government, along with global mainstream media hype, where, in the 2019 Influenza Season, was all the FEAR, PANIC, HYSTERIA, DRACONIAN LOCKDOWNS causing STATE-SANCTIONED ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION, BUSINESS FAILURE and MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT, not to mention the EROSION OF BASIC CIVIL LIBERTIES and FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS, when vastly more people were dying of the flu in 2019 than in the 2020 so-called “CoVid19” “pandemic”?

I’d be very surprised if your Government is re-elected, Mr Andrews.

Yours sincerely, though not thankfully,

Free Man

The Answer

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