Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 21 July 2020

Message from a mask refusenik in Israel

Hi David, hope you are doing well.. Wanted to share with you. I went to the vet yesterday, and EVERYONE there and outside was wearing face masks except me and my friend. All this while I noticed a woman kept staring at us the whole time, and I could literally feel her resentment towards us. So she finally says, “It’s not right that you are not wearing masks. It’s a small space area…” My friend walked away from her while saying, “I will walk away, so you won’t feel threatened by me” and then asked her if she is aware  that her mask is not preventing anything (she wore some fabric, which is even worse.) So she says, it prevents something … and when I tried to talk to her and tell her about the health issues, she didn’t even want to listen to me or hear me, all she kept saying is, “It’s not arguable whatsoever! it’s the law! Everyone put on masks!” I told her it’s not healthy for you, she says, “not healthy. Living is not healthy …” 

So there are a lot of people who won’t even want to listen, because they are in such a state of fear and brainwashed victims, it’s unbelievable, and I could feel her fear and stress, and that I’m her enemy, I’m a deadly virus, and it drives people apart from each other, and creates hate and resentment.

Very sad indeed, When I’m around all these people with face masks, I feel like I’m completely separated from them, and they are in a completely different state of awareness then I am even though I know we are all one in the end, I still feel like these people are my “enemy” and that makes me feel really uncomfortable to say the least, and they feel like I’m their enemy, when the real enemy is outside orchestrating this whole movie script and now like the script, we are entering the second wave here, as predicted. In the third wave, i guess there will be no cash and cards, only phone application and a vaccine ID?    


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