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Why pCloudy is the best mobile app testing platform for Remote Work

There is no doubt in accepting the fact that the corona outbreak is hugely disrupting organizations in following their regular workflow. The need of the hour is to restrain coronavirus from infecting more numbers of population across the globe. Since Who has unleashed the precautionary measures to prevent more people from getting infected by COVID-19, organizations are expected to shut down the work locations and announce work from home as preventive measure. 

Businesses are finding the best possible ways to curb discontinuity from work during this delicate phase of COVID-19 pandemic.Specially, highly dynamic industries like mobile app development organizations are looking for technological solutions that facilitate remote working and promise faster and qualitative productivity. So here pCloudy comes into picture.

This cloud based mobile app testing platform will bridge the gap between your geographically separated teams to seamlessly carry out mobile app testing activities as well as facilitate smooth collaboration. Let’s have a clear picture on how pCloudy would help you work remotely.

Cloud based platform

pCloudy being a cloud based platform you do not need any physical lab for performing testing. It is purely a virtual platform consisting of a set of mobile devices for performing mobile app testing. All you need is internet connection and you are good to go.You can perform testing in it for 24*7 from any part of the world. 

Parallel testing 

pCloudy is a set of multiple mobile devices connected together available for testing. It can perform parallel testing on multiple devices connected together simultaneously. pCloudy supports more than 500 device browser combinations enabling multi platform device capabilities which dilutes device fragmentation issues. Its highly scalability properties lets you add and remove any number of devices as per the project requirement.

Multiple tool integration  

pCloudy is integrated with a number of testing and collaborative tools and frameworks to make you workflow more systematic. It consists of tools like Selenium for test automation, Slack for better collaboration, a shareable centralised repository Github and many such tools for a systematic workflow.

Enables Continuous testing

Continuous testing is a phenomenon in which a code is tested in all the stages (for eg from planning to deployment) of an app development cycle. This enables you to fix the bugs throughout the cycle starting from the early stages which adds the quality of code in every stage of the cycle.Hence this helps in getting deployable codes at a faster rate thus increasing the speed of app releases. Hence pcloudy is a continuous app testing platform enabling quality@speed. Including pcloudy in your pipeline will surely enhance the speed as well as 


Covid-19 pandemic situation has caused the businesses to allow work from home hence dynamic industries like mobile app development organizations are looking for technological solutions which allow you to work remotely and also ensures faster and qualitative results. Hence pCloudy would be the best solution that the app development industries can opt for, so that they can maintain the continuity in workflows even from remote locations.

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