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Gutless book-burners Waterstone’s (@Waterstones) take David Icke books off their shelves after ONE phone call – #boycottwaterstones

Waterstone’s will remove from its shelves all books written by the infamous conspiracy theorist David Icke after one of his titles was pictured at a branch in Southport.

A copy of his 2017 book Everything You Wanted to Know But Have Never Been Told was spotted on Tuesday displayed in a section marked “alternative histories and conspiracies”.

Icke previously claimed the world is run by reptiles and has faced accusations of antisemitism.

A spokesperson for Waterstone’s told Jewish News: “Most of the selection is done at a local, shop-floor level. We will look into this immediately to ensure any stock is removed from sale.”

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We didn’t post this story immediately because we wanted to give Waterstone’s the chance to confirm all this. It took some time to secure a reply, but then this came:

Dear Gareth, I confirm that we decided to remove David Icke’s books from sale after it was highlighted to us that a very small number of our shops had a selection of the books in stock. We judge the association of the author with various conspiracy theories and allegations of anti-semitism means they should play no part in our selection. With kind regards, Eva

My reply:

Eva … can you confirm how many people in your organisation who made this decision have actually read the books in question? If they have, please quote the passages that caused you to become a bookstore that censors books.  
Have you considered what it will do to your reputation when it is made public – as it will be – that you are, in effect, burning books when this is the calling card of all tyrannies? I doubt it, but know that you will not do this quietly and at every opportunity I will make the case for how utterly bizarre and disgusting it is that Waterstone’s is a censor of intellectual material which, let’s be honest, you have never read.
One phone call was all it took and thus ‘pathetic’ simply does not suffice. 
Waterstone’s displays the gutlessness which allows all tyrannies to prosper and freedom of expression to be deleted. 
I hope that current and potential Waterstone’s customers will take note. 
best wishes,
David Icke


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