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StandUpX demands UK Prime Minister proves the ‘virus’ exists or drops the draconian tyranny



We understand that the World Health Organisation has advised Public Health England not to isolate and purify a ‘virus’ said to cause the disease ‘Covid-19.’

There are major questions over the validity of the testing procedures being used to determine the presence in the UK population of the putative ‘Covid19 virus’ specifically relating to the throat swab (RT-PCR test) and evidence of previous infection using antibody tests.

The disease-causing effects of any virus are scientifically verified using Koch’s Postulates of which four conditions must be met. Currently the virus thought to cause Covid-19 does not meet any of them.

Fulfillment of Koch’s Postulates requires that the so-called Covid-19 virus must be isolated and purified. This ​has not been done​ – therefore the accuracy of the tests authorized by Public Health England is unknown.

In summary, the tests for the Covid-19 virus are of unknown accuracy, scientific procedures for viral isolation and purification have not been followed and neither have any of the Koch methods for determining any disease causing effects.


  1. Produce independently peer reviewed scientific evidence proving that the Covid-19 virus has been isolated and purified in the reference laboratories run by Public Health England under the leadership of Professor Zambon (Imperial College London/SAGE member) ignoring the instructions not to do so issued by the World Health Organisation.
  2. Produce independently peer reviewed scientific evidence proving that Covid-19 virus causes disease using all of the Koch Postulates.

If the United Kingdom Government’s own health agency – Public Health England – CANNOT show independent and peer-reviewed proof that a virus exists which causes COVID-19 then the Government must DECLARE THERE IS NO SUCH VIRUS AND CEASE MEASURES AGAINST SOMETHING WHICH DOES NOT EXIST, including producing a vaccine and the Government’s Track+Trace policy.

Yours faithfully

Dr Kevin P. Corbett​ ​BA (Art) University of Reading, Higher Diploma (Fine Art) Slade School of Fine Art University College London, MSc (Nursing) Kings College London, PGCE (Health Professions) University of Greenwich, PhD (Social Sciences) London South Bank University. 37-years nursing experience. UK-based visual artist;

clinical nurse researcher specialised in acute, palliative & primary medical care, forensics, respiratory/infectious diseases (STIs, HIV & AIDS), medical screening and testing; Director KPC Research and Consultancy Ltd (management consultancy); extensive research publications on patient & citizen experience of medical science; international speaker at academic research meetings and conferences.

Piers Corbyn​ ​Royal Scholar Imperial College, BSc (1s​ t​ class) Imperial College, ARCS, MSc (Astrophysics, QMC), first democratically elected President Imperial College Students Union, Convenor Institute of Evidence-based Science; Founder and Director WeatherAction unique Solar-based long-range weather forecasters & CEO of former

listed WeatherAction Holdings PLC, elected Fellow Royal Astronomical Society, elected corporate member (WeatherAction Holdings) Royal Meteorological Society, wide-ranging publications including on Meteorological Instrumentation, astronomy and coastline physics (pre-university), Cosmology and galaxy formation; Rights Campaigner, accomplished (with prizes) international presenter at Commercial, Agricultural and academic research conferences.

David Crowe​ ​BSc​ ​(1s​ t​ class Mathematics and Biology) Canadian software engineer, expert witness, independent researcher of infectious disease models, host of a weekly radio programme called The Infectious Myth from US (New York) on PRN.FM ​​ ​President of Rethinking AIDS, wide-ranging publications and international speaker.

Dr Andrew R. Kaufman​ ​BS (Molecular Biology), MD (Medicine) U.S. Forensic Psychiatrist, Natural Healing Consultant, and Independent Researcher. Former Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Medical Director Psychiatry Department, Research Committee Chair for American Academy of

Psychiatry and the Law, Certified Expert Witness in local, state and federal courts, Founder and CEO of medical device start-up company (Zinnia Safety Systems), Holds two patents for medical devices, published several peer reviewed scientific papers and a medical textbook chapter.

Dr David Rasnick​ ​BS (Biology), BS (Chemistry), PhD (Biochemistry) U.S. independent scientist, C​hromosomal ​I​mbalance​ ​(​A​neuploidy​) Cancer Theorist,
inventor ​DATE Analysis.pdf,​ ​former Chief Science Officer of the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, former Member of ​The Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel​ of South

Africa initiated by President Thabo Mbeki, former President of Rethinking AIDS, synthesizer of the first peptidyl-fluoromethanes, founder of biotechnology companies and wide-ranging publications and international speaker.page1image11332784page1image5126400

Dear Prime Minister,page1image5121792

Professor Roger Watson​ ​BSc (Biological Sciences), PhD (Biochemistry), FRCP Edinburgh, UK Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Advanced Nursing and Editor of

Nursing Open, Professor of Nursing University of Hull UK, member of the UK 2014 Research Excellence Framework sub-panel for Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing & Pharmacy, Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame and wide-ranging publications and international speaker.

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