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Yet ANOTHER ‘virus symptom’ – what a joke it all is

A rash could be another symptom of coronavirus, and scientists are advising people to self-isolate and get tested if they notice a new rash.

Researchers say that characteristic skin rashes and “Covid fingers and toes” can occur in the absence of any other symptoms and therefore should be considered when diagnosing Covid-19.

A persistent cough, fever and a loss of smell or taste are listed by the NHS as the main symptoms of the virus.

Using data from the Covid Symptom Study app from about 336,000 regular UK users, King’s College London researchers found that 8.8% of people testing positive for the disease had experienced a skin rash as part of their symptoms.

This was compared with 5.4% of people with a negative test result.

It is important that people know that in some cases, a rash may be the first or only symptom of the disease

Dr Veronique Bataille

Similar results were seen in a further 8.2% of users with a rash who did not have a coronavirus test, but still reported classic Covid-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever or anosmia.

The study authors write: “This study strongly supports the inclusion of skin rashes in the list of suspicious Covid-19 symptoms.

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