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Universal Furniture

The furniture-making business is thriving in the United States. In 2018 alone, the furniture and home furnishings companies garnered $116 in total sales. It’s no surprise why the number of furniture companies continues to rise yearly. It’s simple — entrepreneurs want a piece of the pie.

With so many furniture companies to choose from, it can be challenging to select the best one. But one household name in the industry that’s been around since the 1960s is Universal Furniture. This company had started its roots in China and is now one of the leading furniture brands in the United States.

Why Choose Universal Furniture

Homeowners sometimes face a dilemma when looking for the perfect pieces. But Universal provides everything homeowners need — from Queen-sized beds, coffee tables to ottomans, you name it.

Since 1968, Universal has been catering to the American market with its stunning and affordable pieces. Although many have shunned Universal for having started outside the United States, the quality of their products reflects their reputation as a furniture business.

The company had started its manufacturing facilities in China for cheap labor costs. However, that doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. By studying the different changing trends in the furniture market in the United States, the brand has mastered American furniture designs.

The company takes pride in using only the most durable materials and integrating various styles in their pieces. Even though they had first set up shop in China, the brand now has manufacturing facilities all over the United States. The company also goes neck and neck with the other top brands in America because of their quality pieces with prices that are relatively lower by 20 to 30 percent.

Whether you’re choosing the perfect style for your living room, bedroom, and basically any room in your home, Universal has every collection you need.

Sophistication and Quality in Every Room

If you’re looking for transitional, contemporary, modern styles in sophistication, Universal dwells on fresh and on-demand designs that are perfect for any home. Moreover, the company also creates traditional pieces if you’re more into the bulkier and natural look.

One example of a traditional and cottage-style collection is the Paula Deen Home Collection by Universal. These are the perfect pieces for your bedroom with perfect curved headboard ends, a raised footboard panel, and classy headboard lines that are suitable for your home.

If you’re looking for a more modern style at home, you can opt for the Soliloquy Collection. Boasting of wooden surfaces and materials in cocoa finish, this collection is perfect for your bedroom, living room, and all the other areas in your home for their modern and versatile appeal. With clean lines, metal accents, and tapered bases, this style is a sight to behold.

If your home is short on space, you can go for the Summer Hill category. With pieces that draw focus on smaller living spaces, this style is built with functionality in aesthetics in mind. Grab this selection for your bedroom, living, or entertainment room and create a small yet comfortable living space at home.

More for Less with the To the Trade Program

If you want affordable furniture for your home, grab Universals To the Trade program. This program offers 20 percent off on your first order once you sign up for a To the Trade account. All discounts are applicable to all Universal furniture pieces.

Furnishing your home is now easier and quicker with just a touch away. By signing up for this account, you can order pieces without a minimum amount. Plus, expect your orders shipped for free within the next two weeks, regardless of size. Last but not least, this program offers a system for your order inventory so monitoring is simpler.


Beautifying your home can be simpler with Universal Furniture. Create a dream house that fulfills your every need with this company and save thousands on pricing and shipping fees as well. For more Universal Furniture collections, check out this link and start living in a home that’s convenient, functional, and stylish.

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