Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 15 July 2020

A link between the flu jab and ‘Covid-19’?

Thanks for all your hard work,I have been an avid follower of Everything you guys do for some years now.

I’ve been following this Covid Scam closely since it became prominent,I truly believe this is not about health but some other sinister motives, its not an opinion I have always had gut feelings about all these sinister government motives however something got me thinking about what’s going on due to two separate conversations I had with two different work colleagues last week.

One of my co workers has the Flu Vaccine yearly, he is the same age as me (in his early 40s) he is a healthy individual and I always question him why he feels he needs to get the Flu Jab? I told him I wouldn’t submit to that muck being pumped into my system,I work out and look after myself so feel no need to have my immune system compromised.

He told me that early on in the Year (around early Feb) he had Covid like symptoms including feeling breathless, he thought it odd as he’s always been ok from having the Jab)I never thought much about him saying this because I truly believe this scam virus doesn’t exist so kind of brushed off his symptoms as a little fake, however a few days Later I was talking to another Co-worker about this scam, (he is with me on the scam) but said his Mother In Law, had been referred to the Local C19 testing station in Leicester after she had become unwell (she’s in her late 60s and has other health issues), and her test came back as Positive, although she has been in Lockdown with 4 other people for the best part of 15 weeks and has been asymptomatic so had no reason to believe she may have contracted this (Fake) virus, his sister and Father In law both tested negative, so he said he believed something wasn’t right as if this was a real virus them surely the others in the house would have contracted the virus if it was genuine???

After my previous conversation with the other co worker,I asked this one if he knew if his Mother in Law has or has had the Flu Vaccine in the past, he said because of her age and already compromised health she has a yearly shot, this has lead me to believe that perhaps this C19 testing is a way of the authorities gathering Data about this Flu Jab to see how many people it is affecting or Killing, it would be interesting to see how many People have tested Positive for this Scam also had the Flu Jab, for me I think there is a Link there!!

I find it strange that both people I spoke to confirmed to me that those people had both had the Flu Jab,One of which had no symptoms and the other had symptoms from having a Flu Jab,but was healthy,yet the person who tested positive the other people they lived with and had personal contact with for lockdown period tested negative???

All seems a little Strange!


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