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Notice of Lawful Instruction requires the UK Treasury Select Committee to examine interest-free, bank-free, sovereign money as a way out of economic collapse

On the 9th July 2020 the New Chartist Movement sent a Common Law Formal Notice of Lawful Instruction to every member of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee: Mel Stride; Anthony Browne; Angela Eagle; Julie Marson; Alison Thewliss; Rushanara Ali; Harriett Baldwin; Felicity Buchan; Mike Hill; Siobhain McDonagh; Steve Baker. The letter was signed by Justin Walker and supported by twenty-two members of the New Chartist Movement, the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology and the Action4Justice groups.

The Notice of Lawful Instruction requires the Treasury Select Committee to:

  • examine the historical evidence for the successful use of Sovereign National Credit (Sovereign Money);
  • make a formal response to the proposal that Sovereign Money could be issued to assuage this 21st Century national emergency;
  • foster public education and debate on the subject of money creation and supply, and its relationship to our ever-increasing national debt.

The sending of this Notice was particularly timely given the Committee’s recent focus on the need for a coherent government strategy for dealing with the massive levels of debt being incurred as a consequence of the Government’s response to the Coronavirus ‘pandemic’.

You can support this initiative by writing to your own MP and requiring them to educate themselves about Sovereign Money and to encourage Treasury Committee members to do the same.

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