Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 13 July 2020

The truth about what is REALLY happening in hospitals

I wish to remain anonymous because I need my job, children to feed. But I feel I have to speak up about this. I work in one of the main hospitals for disease control, based in … England.

I’m not a doctor or nurse but I work in maintenance, so basically where there are patients there are things to fix, which is what we do. I can say, since the Covid crap started we have never been quieter, we are told wards have been locked down for Covid, but there is huge secrecy about this, we aren’t allowed to know anything. and we aren’t allowed to know how many people are on the wards at all. 
I hear everything from our technicians that visit the wards to fix the problems. The wards are classed as locked down even when there are no patients on the wards! How do I know this when no-one is allowed to talk about it? Well people do talk. A cleaner who cleans the hospital wards has said the doctors are just sitting there waiting for patients to arrive and there are no patients there.  My colleagues have to fix everything that breaks on the wards so from them I have found out there is no-one on the wards with Covid, even though the wards are classed as locked down!

This has been the same throughout the the whole lockdown. The busiest I have seen the hospital is when the police and nurses decided to do their clap on a Thursday. The police kindly attended our hospital to do that. 
Meanwhile … I finished my shift at that time, and I had to walk home in the dark with masked bike riders riding about, totally legal now, no police in sight … You really couldn’t make this up!

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