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Face mask fascism – doctor bans patient for not wearing a mask which is (a) utterly useless in catching viral particles far smaller than the mask holes and (b) terrible for health as people breathe in their own carbon dioxide that their body is trying to remove

Hi guys,  my Doctor has not only denied me access to his surgery but has now taken steps to have me removed from his patient list.

Before reading please note the following:
As of time of writing (according to the COVID-19 guidelines set out in Ireland) that it is only mandatory to wear a mask on public transport and nowhere else (for now) also a person with underlining breathing problems such as asthma is not required to wear a mask, a person who feels uncomfortable wearing a mask is also not required to wear one, with this in mind and explained to my doctor, he tells me “I’m not going to lose my practice and that’s the bottom line” in other words f@#k your health!!!

This is from the first paragraph from a letter which I was sent from the HSE (equivalent to the NHS)

I have taken the doctors name out for legal reasons

“Dr. ___________ has formally contacted this office (HSE) indicating, that they wish to have you transferred from their panel with immediate effect”

The letter goes on to state that I must choose a different doctor within 14 days, effectively removing me from his patient list.

Upon some research I discovered that my Doctor is still responsible until I find a new one, so unfortunately for him he may have to wait a little longer than his outlining demands to have me removed from his list “with immediate effect” 🙂

I also discovered that it is good practice for a doctor to contact the patient via a letter and provide a reason as to why the doctor no longer wants them to be on their patient list, this did not happen.

Another interesting thing to note, I told the doctor I was putting a complaint in to the medical council (probably a waste of time, they all have the same minds) due to his refusal to allow me access to his surgery without a face mask as an asthma and anxiety sufferer.

As I was provided no reason as to why I was being removed from his patient list, I searched the Internet and came across a medical website “how to remove patients from your practice” for Irish doctors and along with the usual reasons for not allowed to remove patients such as: race,religion,sexual orientation,criticism etc, it stated you should not remove a patient for complaining to the medical council and you should take the patients medical history into account especially if they suffer from anxiety.

Reasons that qualified as “reasonable” for doctors wanting to remove patients are:

Violent or threatening behaviour
non co-operate
Not sticking to a medical plan set out by the doctor

Can you see where this is going, he will simply use the “non co-operate card” I have no doubt he went with refusing to wear a mask to sit under “non co-operate”

Although I did not get a written reason for the removal, I am putting in a data access request
so it may be in there.

At the very least he will have to deal the inconvenience of a data access request along
with a having to deal with a complaint to the
medical council.

What about my health? none of it was considered in any of this malarky, the reality is we cannot trust in doctors who go along with this BS, most of them do not care. As it stands I feel the only one who cares for my health is me, and the majority of the medical system is a large pile of corruption!!!

I will keep you guys updated as this progresses.

Thanks for reading

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