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Elite Frontman Elon Musk Claims That Mysterious Brain Invention Could Cure Depression – getting Musk off my screen is all it takes

Elon Musk has revealed a few more details about a bizarre neurological device he claims could be used to cure depression and substance addiction.

It’s a computer chip that interacts with the brain, and it’s called Neuralink. 

The company was started by Musk in 2016, and very little is known about what it actually does or how it works. I mean, do we want some electronic device poking around inside our head? 

Well, if it could cure addiction and depression, maybe there is a justification for it. It still sounds weird though, doesn’t it?

After the company was started up, it received $158 million (£125 million) in investment and last year announced that it had devised a ‘sewing machine like’ device that can connect the human brain directly to a computer. 

It’s all very science fiction.

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