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How To Read Emergency Orders And Avoid Wearing Face Masks

Every city, county or state that issues a “mandate” to wear face masks and practice social distancing must published it publicly and make it available for you to read. Download it and read it! Don’t ever believe what the local media or other individuals say about the mandate, you must read and examine it for yourself.

The city of Englewood, Colorado issued an emergency order on March 10, 2020 that required all citizens to wear face masks when outside of their home. The entire emergency order is reproduced below, and the emphasis is added for clarity.

The ultimate penalty for not wearing a face mask in Englewood is a fine of up to $2,500 and up to one year in jail. It is not clear if the City Manager just made this up or if it was embedded in the ordinance approved by the City Council. If any court action were ever brought against a citizen, it is highly unlikely that the city would prevail.

Again, you must read the entire ’emergency order’ and the fine print therein.

In Section C-v below, exceptions to the mandate are clearly stated:

When wearing a Face Covering would inhibit the individual’s health. Workers with health issues that preclude them from wearing a Face Covering must document those concerns with their employer.

Technocracy News has taken great pains to present the real science and health risks posed when wearing a face mask. If you don’t understand the issues, please carefully read each article and listen to the radio interview.

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