Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 11 July 2020

How to Create a Fake Pandemic

The game is simple:

  • Run a coordinated simulation of the planned pandemic to tie up any loose ends.
  • Engineer the definition of COVID-19 to remain open-ended.
  • Re-designate the symptoms of a bacterial infection, the flu, or something as simple as an allergic reaction (such as a runny nose) as symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Use a coordinated deceptive media campaign designed to terrify viewers into believing there is a deadly hyper-contagious virus killing everything in sight.
  • Use a DNA manufacturing technique as a test and manipulate the operational procedures of the test to obtain inaccurate and fraudulent results.
  • Claim those results are proof of a viral infection.
  • Offer financial incentives to hospitals for re-designating the diagnosis for pneumonia (only worth $4,600) as “COVID-19 pneumonia” (worth $13,000) and for putting patients on mechanical ventilators ($39,000) that have a high mortality rate. Also, deadly sedatives are being used in combination with mechanical ventilation.
  • Manipulate those statistics through deceptive case-counting techniques at the highest level such as the CDC. Promote these statistics to cause more fear.
  • Unleash this deadly plan on the weak and vulnerable, such as those in nursing homes.
  • Manipulate the death certificates of the deceased as having died of COVID-19 regardless of any pre-existing condition. Promote these statistics to cause more fear.
  • Use the results of these machinations to change society through the introduction of mandatory authoritarian control measures.
  • Use the negative results of some of these authoritarian control measures, such as mandatory masks and their associated negative health consequences, as a probable diagnosis of COVID-19 to keep the numbers rising.

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