Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 July 2020

Quarantine in an Australian Hotel – Submitted By A Reader

Hi, I am an Aussie, who has recently returned back to Australia from overseas. The country I came from was quite strict with its lockdowns, and where I was became extreme. The fear and panic displayed by the average citizen there was truly astounding.

 I am currently still in Quarantine, with more time to go. It feels like I am engaged in a war of trying to protect my basic human rights and freedoms at present, and often trying to get any sense, truth or logic from the authorities here is often proving quite difficult indeed, aside from one doctor and one policeman, but they still follow the official agenda as such.

 The requirement is 14 days quarantine upon arrival in a NSW hotel (where I landed ), and aside from doing a runner at the airport, I’m not sure I could have avoided this…You are not allowed out of your room at all…no fresh air, sunshine, exercise or human contact. Torture, prisoner of war tactics…hmmm  Just remember though, they are in this to protect my health…thats the biggest load of bollocks !  

 The current rule when I arrived, was day 10 they Covid test you, and then a visual screening before you leave. Its been eleven days and they have changed the leaving date four times already…thats one magical virus ! 

 The police are the muscle, you get a call from a nurse once a day checking you have no symptoms ( yet it feels almost like they want you to have symptoms ). I have voiced my opinions to the nurses a few times, and twice got the Conspiracy theory comment thrown at me ! It seems the nurses are are not all too bright, to say the least.

 I have been onto quite a few different Government departments regarding whats going on, but mostly you get obedient frontline slaves who I am sure are instructed to lie through their teeth about not being able to help you. They all seem to cover each other. NSW Department of health. The Australian Human Rights Commission. The NSW Ombudsmen, and the list goes on. 

 Day 10 swab test time comes. Of course, I refused the test, as I had openly stated right from the start basically. The nurses here just assume you will get swabbed. I heard of another person refusing it too…I’m not sure what happened to them though? I wish the whole hotel would refuse…

 The two nurses I refused said I have to stay another 10 days at my expense and I laughed at them  and said there is no way I am paying for them to keep me here an extra 10 days  without any justification at all.  I  gave them a few stern words and also mentioned the tests are inaccurate but that fell upon deaf ears. I have been pushing these people every step of the way and completely standing my ground, and the nurses do not like it, especially the uninformed  sheep type venomous female ones. 

 Not long after my test refusal I saw there was a big burly security guard now on my floor, granted he is friendly though. I also had a visit from the police at my door having a talk about it all. One big older guy and a smaller younger guy with all the weapons. The big guy was polite and so was I. Again I stood my ground and he simply said I must do the 10 days extra and they will move me to a different hotel. I did inform him that if they overstep the boundaries even further than they have already then I will simply walk out of here, and it is certainly an option, it would probably mean fighting my way out of here though, which I would like to avoid if possible. 

 To be fair, he was a nice guy, but simply knows nothing really about what he is enforcing, and bascially admits so. I had a phone call the same evening from the officer and we had a nice talk. He basically said I would need to do the 10 extra days quarantine and the NSW Government would cover the costs ( which regardless, I would never pay anyway ). The officer told me the name of the hotel and he said it was shit, maybe as a scare tactic to get me to submit to the test ? He did mention that there was now two guards on my floor because I mentioned that walking out might be an option. I asked him what would happen if I walk out, he said I will be restrained, handcuffed, kept here and be given a court order….charmimg indeed !

 I asked all the details about whats happening and when, and he could not give me a date and said I will be escorted by police to the new hotel, as apparently they are closing this one ? A police escort…. it kind of makes me sound like a criminal. 

 He also told me I would be served a notice telling me I have to do another 10 days by law. They are literally making up laws as they go along without any evidence at all to justify them. It really is madness on an astronomical scale. 

 I also had a call from a Doctor here trying to convince me to have the test. I presented some good points to him and he wanted to allocate some time to have a conversation the next day. He did call me back and he was quite a nice guy. He actually agreed with some of the points I made. He most certainly said that keeping me in a hotel room for 24 days straight will not be good for my health. I mentioned that the Covid tests were inaccurate and he said the PCR test gives only one percent false positives and 32 percent false negatives, I dont know the actual figures, but I know both tests are inaccurate. Its actually there for all to see on the Australian health website that both the PCR and Serology tets are inaccurate !  So how they can even use that test is beyond me, and keep me in an unhealthy environment for another 10 days ? Of course I have never showed any sign of sickness either, I cant remember the last time I even had a cold.  He ended the conversation with he had to go, as quite a few people are leaving today, and I said, yes so should I, he replied, if it was up to me, I would let you leave now too. 

 So here I am, standing up for what I beleive in, craving fresh air and exercise, and battling against a corrupt system that basically is following the main stream Covid narrative. I have been honest about my views and told them this all is against my will and violating my human rights. I will not let them hand me any orders they try to give me to hold me for longer. I will simply state this is against my will and they have not once justified any of this or even proved Covid 19 exists. Also I will be writing a personal email to the minister of health who is  apparently calling the shots on all of this. He will not talk with anyone on the phone apparently, he is either too important or too much of a coward, and my guess is the latter.  As this continues to develop I will write more about it. Cheers, thanks for reading this, and lets stand up to these tyrants ! 

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