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Microwave stalking and targeted individuals

FFTI’s Mission

Our mission is to promote solidarity, communication, and coordinated efforts among groups of activists fighting organized stalking and electronic harassment, so that we can more rapidly achieve a world free from these growing crimes.

Raising Awareness

Freedom For Targeted Individuals raises awareness of how covert harassment crimes threaten public safety, human rights, and the rule of law. For example, we are continuing our global billboard campaign, which is now in its third year. We also speak out on multiple media platforms, contribute to global protests and rallies in conjunction with the Alliance to End Targeting, and assist individuals and organizations with activism on many levels. In addition, FFTI provides advice and emotional support to victims of covert harassment crimes with the hope that some of them will have the strength to become activists themselves.

Support Hotline 503.308.1691

Read below to learn about targeting crimes, which threaten you and your loved ones whether or not you’ve already been targeted.

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