Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 July 2020

‘Denied access to doctors surgery for not wearing mask’

Hi guys,

I’d like to share my shitty experience with you from Ireland feel free to share it, if not it’s ok at least you read it.

My experience today, I have been putting off going to the doctors for the last few months over all this “Virus” crap, not because I fear a “virus” but because I knew the shit that was coming with that visit.

I rang the doctors surgery today to make an appointment, however instead of simple appointment which usually involves giving your name and then arranging the time to drop down, today I was told I would be called back by my GP.

True enough I was rang back by my GP an hour later and after going over a few things about my health concerns (back issue totally unrelated to “COVID-19) he ask for me to go down to have a further look, I then asked him would I have to wear a mask,  he replied “Yes” I try to explain to him that I have Asthma and that I would not be wearing a mask, he replied “Oh you will still have to wear one” I told him that I have seen hundreds  of videos online of various doctors explaining the dangers of wearing face mask and how useless they are against stopping virus particles, he responded ignorantly “you have to wear one we must protect everyone else and that masks do work” I replied “yes the media tells us to wear one” I then told him that I would not be attending the clinic if I had to wear a mask. This is my family GP I was surprised to find out just how Ignorant and uneducated he was on this, but then again at the core he is nothing more than a brainwashed Rockefeller student.

Thanks for reading guys.


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