Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 6 July 2020

From a reader in Germany on compulsory ‘virus’ vaccine:

Hi Gareth,  Just a quick information about new developments conc. Corona testing in Germany. We had about 2 weeks ago a new (testing)”outbreak” in a well known meat factory in Gütersloh (Tönnies), Nordrhine- Westfalia here in Germany. The whole area is in strict lockdown. 

 In the meantime – government sent military people and other helpers from home to home in this area to make “Corona- Virus Testings” without announcements, but in full “equipement” (please see pic attached in local newspaper article) Now people are talking about the possibility, that the testing might be used to get their DNA for organ harvesting or that there might be delivered a “chip” or a desease with the testing kit. 

In addition, our Bavarian minister-president, Markus Söder, announced this week, that they have to think about taking the medical licence from doctors who will refuse to make Corona vaccinations with the coming vaccine. Can you see how we are going directly to the mandatory vaccinations? This is a key factor for this devil plan.

 I´ll attach the newspaper articles, although there is no English translation available, but I will translate the title.  

Local newspaper for the region of Gütersloh: Title: Spontaneous Corona Testing at your front door, People surprised about visit from military people in full “protection” equipment  

Bavarian minister- president Markus Söder about vaccinations: Title: Corona and the new health-regime. Söder will take medical licence from doctors that will refuse to give Corona vaccine to their patients

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