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What types of ferroalloys the company produces

Telf AG: What types of ferroalloys the company produces

Telf AG is one of the world’s largest independent traders of ferroalloys. It sells more than one million tons of ferroalloys every year. The supply chain covers Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. These volumes are achieved largely due to the strategic partnership with Kazchrome.

As an international and diversified supplier of raw materials for the foundry, steel, and other metallurgical industries of the world, the company has created a global network of representatives and business partners. The organization builds and maintains strong partnerships based on its unique advantage – an extensive network of regional field offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The company’s assets have 70 warehouses around the world. And thanks to its global market reach, it can provide delivery solutions that meet both the most pressing and constant needs of customers.

Along with strengthening its logistics and trading activities, the company is a leading producer of ferroalloys. It makes custom alloys based on special characteristics for industries such as aerospace, defense, metallurgy, and research. The philosophy of Telf AG is focused exclusively on quality: each individual production process has been studied by an engineering team pursuing the highest level of control and quality standards.

Telf AG: Ferroalloy production

Ferroalloys are, in particular, alloys of one or more alloying elements with iron; they are used to add chemical elements to molten metal. The generation of ferroalloys by Telf AG is an essential part of the production chain between mining production and the metallurgy of steel and alloys.

Telf AG: Types of ferroalloys

The main technical and economic indicators of the production and use of ferroalloys, increasing their competitiveness, are constantly improved in the laboratories of Telf AG with the help of regular fundamental and applied analysis. They allow the company’s specialists to develop and implement more efficient energy – saving melting processes, the creation of more sophisticated tools for electric furnaces with computerized controller and improvement processes.

Telf AG has special alloys for all needs. If customers need metallic titanium, they can be sure that they will find alloys that have both high strength and low weight, as well as high corrosion resistance. As for nickel, the company offers alloys with excellent tensile strength and excellent weldability. Long-life copper- beryllium alloys are also produced, which are commonly used for spring and contact materials and stainless steel pipes.

First and foremost, Telf AG produces ferrochrome, which is a type of ferroalloy, that is, an amalgam of chromium and iron containing from 50% to 70% chromium. Chrome steel is used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, household appliances, surgical equipment, and is also widely used in the creation of various complex technical products.

The bulk of the company’s ferronickel is spent on stainless steel. A small addition of nickel to steel makes it very strong, and nickel alloy is widely used in the manufacture of construction vehicles. Telf AG also produces Invar – a special nickel alloy consisting of iron and 36% nickel. This alloy has the property of minimal expansion at substantially high temperatures.


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