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The Benefits of Installing an MVHR System in Your Home

The main purpose of a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system is to provide controlled ventilation with a focus on reducing indoor heat loss. It is said to be the most reliable method for bringing in clean air from outside and expelling polluted air when necessary. 

Before we explore the benefits of having an MVHR system installed in your home, let’s take a brief look at how it works.

How MVHR Works

At its core, an MVHR system is quite simple. There are two pipes. One is responsible for extracting and expelling the moist and stale air in a room. It is separated from the other pipe, which draws in fresh air from outside, to prevent cross-contamination. During this process, lost heat is recovered by the core unit and brought back inside to save energy. 

The system cleans the air in your home, eliminates excess moisture, and keeps key areas warm. For more information on MVHR, how it works, and what you can expect to pay for a home system in Ireland, you can head over to the following link:

Energy Savings

Installing an MVHR unit has long-term cost-saving benefits. They consume little electricity compared to alternative air purifiers and heaters. This is especially true if you’re going to use one to replace a boiler or air-conditioner. With an average consumption of around 13 watts, MVHR systems use roughly as much energy as your standard CFL light bulb. 

Environmental Impact

In a similar vein, MVHR systems also have the potential to improve your green credentials. They reduce carbon dioxide levels in your home, which is one of the ways that they contribute to improved air quality levels. With an ability to retain up to 90% of the heat in a room, an MVHR unit is highly efficient. 

Air Quality

There may be a range of harmful toxins lurking in your home, many of which come from everyday products such as carpets, furniture, and cleaning chemicals. You also have to consider the presence of dust and pollen, which can be particularly detrimental to individuals with allergies. 

Having a proper ventilation system is key to avoiding the health problems that come with long-term exposure to pollutants and contaminants. An MVHR unit also has the benefit of expelling unwanted smells from the home. In addition, it will eliminate moisture and prevent the build-up of mould spores

Staying Warm

With their ability to retain indoor warmth, MVHR systems are great for use during winter. You can improve air freshness and avoid the discomfort that often comes with using heaters, not to mention the energy bills. Moreover, MVHR units will regulate the humidity levels in your home, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

You can probably agree that an MVHR system is a great choice when it comes to implementing an air purification or heating solution in your home. Given the benefits, it’s well worth consideration. Just be sure to invest in a quality unit that won’t require constant maintenance. 

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