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Plandemic In Spain “Chronicle Of The Fear Virus”


Given the scandalous concealment of data, lies and negligence by the Spanish Government during this false pandemic, we are preparing to present an investigation that presents a panoramic, critical and alternative vision to the official account of the media. Certain facts are supported by general press reports that offer a snapshot, but we also attach scientific evidence with abundant bibliography, official documents and testimonies for those who wish to go deeper. We have joined dots and filled gaps. We are not a commission of experts, but we are citizens seeking answers beyond the media and official bodies purchased by power. 

On March 14, 20202, the Government officially declared a state of emergency and lockdown for the entire population, in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and alleviate a situation of “unexpected” sanitary collapse. The crisis began with the customary lack of beds, doctors, and means.3 When the first outbreak of coronavirus began in February in Italy,4 it was not considered necessary to stock up on medicines, recruit more personnel, invest in training, reform units, prepare more beds or buy more personal protective equipment. This must have been foreseen not only in February or January 2020, but much earlier.

1 If this document is updated, changes from the previous versión will be noted at the end. 2 3 4 5 

Curiously, in October 2019 a congress was held in New York City named “Event 201”,6 where a simulation took place to reflect on the public policies and the necessary cooperation to respond to a possible severe pandemic with the lowest social and economic impacts. The event was organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Safety and the Global Economic Forum.7 Coincidence? 

Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a new zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs and from pigs to people. The contagion becomes more efficient once it is passed from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are largely based on SARS, being easily transmissible between people with mild symptoms. 

The disease begins on pig farms in Brazil, quietly and slowly at first, but then begins to spread more rapidly in healthcare settings. When it begins to spread efficiently from person to person in the low-income, densely populated neighborhoods of some of South America’s megacities, the epidemic explodes. It is first exported by air transport to Portugal, the United States and China and then to many other countries. Although some countries may control it at first, it continues to spread and reintroduce itself, and eventually no country can maintain control. 

There is no chance that a vaccine will be available in the first year. There is a dummy antiviral medication that can help sufferers but not significantly limit the spread of the disease. 

As the entire human population is susceptible, during the first months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling each week. And as cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and social consequences become increasingly severe. 

The scenario ends at the point of 18 months, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic begins to subside due to the decrease in infections. The pandemic will continue to the point when an effective vaccine appears or until 80-90% of the world population has been exposed. From then on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease. 

6 octubre-de-2019-ante-una-pandemia-global/ 7 

Returning to the reality experienced in Spain, the COVID-19 situation has demonstrated the deteriorated state of the Spanish health system, which collapses every year. But this year, 2020, the health collapse was already critical in January and February due to a spike in seasonal flu. Hospitals were already saturated before the COVID-19 crisis hit.

From the end of December, the media began to report a strange disease in the Chinese city of Wuhan. In this first phase, it was not given importance; it was just a flu with a few isolated cases. “We can control it if it gets here,” experts said.9 But this was part of the plan. If it was only flu and it didn’t matter, why repeat it in every news bulletin, radio program, or press release? What was the point of repeating an irrelevant news item in a gruesome way? In a very subtle way, they were already installing paranoia throughout the population. They linked the crisis of climate change with the crisis of COVID-19. The treadmill of fear kept spinning. 

As the weeks went by, we heard news of canceled events; we saw images of Asians wearing a mask, more mysterious deaths and the first isolated cases in Spain. The face of Tedros Adhanom, WHO Secretary-General, was occupying more and more prime time minutes in the news. The intoxication was beginning to take effect: “It seems that there is a virus that causes a very serious respiratory disease in China, but at the moment there is nothing to worry about.” 

Day after day we became familiar with the terms COVID, SARS, coronavirus and lockdown. At the end of February, the information was already pouring through the Internet. We found out that in Italy things were not going well. In Spain there were already the infected, the deceased and some hospitals already warned of what was coming. As of February 26, it was already recommended not to go to the emergency room [theatre in UK].10 At this point, Fernando Simón played down the issue, but at the same time, from all the official media, they kept bombarding us with information about the COVID-19 disease. The second phase of “Operation Fear” was launched. 

Fear began to settle in people. Nursing homes and hospitals were already on alert. Infected politicians and rumors of the closure of soccer fields. Without knowing how, the main problem in our country became “the coronavirus”. The rest of the diseases had disappeared. As if by magic, catcalling on the street and the Catalan independence movement were no longer so important, but before the end, the Apocalypse happened: the feminist 8-M demonstration. 

During this period, a large number of people began to notice the first symptoms of the suspected SARS-CoV-2 virus: fever, cough, and malaise. What else could it be? We had been hearing about the coronavirus for three months! This is when two types of patients converged: the frightened who went to hospital and those who for fear stayed at home, either with mild symptoms or other symptoms stemming from other pathologies. The psychosomatic effects of this media terrorist attack can never be calculated. 

8 prevision_0_988301938.html falta-recursoshospitales-madrilenos-epidemia-gripe.html 9 10 coronavirus.html 

Then came the lockdown. It was no longer a flu, it was a pandemic at the levels of the Black Death of the Middle Ages. Never before has the world suffered an attack of this caliber. Images of collapsed hospitals, cars full of toilet paper, food supplies, protective screens and masks. The fear of human contact became palpable; the evident limitation of rights, the closing of borders and businesses led to the total paralysis of the economy, and the stock market fell to historical lows. To make matters worse, all this was camouflaged with the most absurd infantilism in the form of applause: every day at eight o’clock we had to listen to the song “Resistiré” [I will resist] from the balconies, at the same time that rainbow drawings pasted on windows appeared, the result of an aberrant campaign of fear for all children in Spain. Primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities were closed and, still, there is no regular attendance at classes. Not even in the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 was the world so scared. 

Thousands of people, who should have been cared for in hospitals and health centers, stayed at home, becoming even more ill, trapped by fear and the insistent warnings from the authorities not to go to hospital. The motto “stay home” was starting to take effect. The outpatient clinics closed, supposedly to avoid contagion. Consultations were passed by phone or video call, but helplines did not work properly. If ambulance clinics were a [such] a key part of the health system, they would have prepared for the Covid- 19 situation in advance; the patients could have been properly diagnosed and screened, thus freeing up many hospitals from work, but this was not done. 

Why was group immunity not chosen for a disease with a very low real mortality rate which only puts a very specific segment of the population at risk?11 

It was necessary to choose a prevention campaign aimed at the elderly with serious respiratory pathologies, in addition to paying special attention to the precarious situation of many old people‟s residences [care homes]. In this state of induced collective psychosis, it was not possible to care properly for all patients. 

Antonio Garcia Ferreras, broadcasting fear. laSextaTV. 

11 In the reassessment by the Italian National Institute of Health, only 12 percent of death certificates had shown direct causality from the coronavirus, while 88 percent of patients who died had at least one pre-existing morbidity.Many of them had two or three. ” Mortality rate between 0.02-0.40%. have-so-many-coronaviruspatients-died-in-italy/ar-BB11qA65 


As of April 2,12 the peak of deaths in Spain was the result of a mixture of various diagnostic groups: 

Group 1. Deceased by Covid-19, the name of the disease that they have been trying to classify as new but which has no unique distinctive symptoms and whose connection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been demonstrated. There is no consensus on the form of transmission. It does not follow Koch’s postulates,13 the basis of modern microbiology, which describe the etiology (study of the origin or cause of diseases) to discover the agent involved in infectious diseases. There are cases of people without symptoms and no contact with another infected person is still pending.14 

Group 2. Other diseases that continued to kill the same as in previous years, with the three main causes of death being those of the circulatory system, tumors, and the respiratory system.15 

Group 3. Forced isolation in hospitals in an environment of collective psychosis, producing panic, loneliness, depression, fear of death, hopelessness, etc. 

Group 4. Seriously ill people with other pathologies who did not go to hospital for fear of contagion. 

Group 5. Consequences derived from lockdown itself: increased suicides, addiction, lack of care for isolated elderly people, physical deterioration due to lack of activity and outdoor walks, domestic violence, etc. 

Group 6. Abandonment in old people’s residences due to denial of hospital care and negligence in care protocols: forced isolation and palliative sedation, predictably producing thousands of deaths. 

Group 7. Dubious triage criteria and negligence in treatments: intubation, medications and sedation.16 

12 dia/2010514.shtml 13 The famous virologist Thomas Rivers stated in a 1936 speech: “It is obvious that Koch’s postulates have not been satisfied in viral diseases”. That was a long time ago, but the problem continues. And Rivers’ guidance was considered important enough to be cited by papers claiming (falsely) that Koch’s Postulates had been met during the SARS era (2003). None of the papers referenced in this article have even attempted to purify the virus. And the word ‘isolation’ has been so debased by virologists it means nothing (e.g. adding impure materials to a cell culture and seeing cell death is ‘isolation’). Ref. Coronavirus Panic, David Crowe. 14 Transmission section Dr. Andrew Kaufman video about Kock postulates and COVID-19 15 16 Treatment section 

Invasive mechanical ventilation or intubation is a medical treatment that provides oxygen to patient who cannot, or have serious trouble, breathing on their own. It is a very invasive procedure that requires not only the sedation of the patient through induced coma, but also their complete paralysis. The patients, while intubated, are unconscious or semi-conscious, and some have described the experience as a living nightmare, probably because the body fights against intubation. The patients also suffer from severe physical deterioration as they may be bedridden for weeks! 

After the 2003 SARS crisis, it was publicly admitted that the most common reason for intubating a patient was medical personnel being afraid of the spread of SARS itself.17 While patients are intubated, they have a “closed circuit”, making it impossible to expel any particle to the outside that could cause contagion. This fear proved to be unfounded: a study conducted in Hong Kong showed a mortality rate four to five times higher than in hospitals where this treatment was not performed. 

It seems that this could also have happened during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The mortality rate in patients intubated for a long period of time is high. A study carried out in China showed that around 30 intubated patients died (97%) and a study carried out in New York shows the same percentage (97%) in patients over 65 years of age and 76% in children under this age. 

The association between intubation and a series of effects known as Ventilator- Associated Pneumonia (VAP) and Ventilator-Associated Lung Injury (VALI) has been known for years. It is difficult to distinguish between these effects from those caused by pre-existing respiratory pathologies in patients with COVID-19. 

Regarding the medication administered,18 there is no consensus on the treatment. They have been tried [everything and anything] from antivirals to treatments against malaria and even rheumatology treatments. “There are no proven therapies for the treatment of COVID-19. All indications have the potential for associated damage.” 

The specific triage criteria for admission to ICUs are not known. 

There was unbalanced distribution of means and personnel. While IFEMA [massive field hospital in Madrid events venue] was announced to great fanfare (opened on March 22 and closed on May 1 with 17 deaths recorded)19 in other places, such as old people‟s residences, there was a lack of personnel. The choreographed dancing and bingo games at IFEMA were especially striking. 

In short, there was improvisation and lack of coordination in the application of health protocols. 

17 18 Section Drugs for COVID-19, reference 8 19 cierra_hospital_ifema_milagro_que_atendio_000_pacientes_alivio_red_sanitaria_106406_1012.html 


Since the end of February, many nursing houses have isolated the elderly with a greater or lesser degree of freedom of movement.20 They stopped receiving visits, TLC [emotional care] was reduced to a minimum due to staff fear of contagion, and the protective uniforms of the doctors and assistants equipped with PPE frightened the residents even more. An extremely important part of dependent health is emotional care. As the days passed, a mental, moral, and physical decline began. There were not enough staff, equipment or adequate treatments. 

Ignacio Fernández Cid, president of the Business Federation of Dependency, denounced this on ES RADIO:21 “They did not send us medication, only morphine for sedation.” On many occasions hospital transfer was denied. 

The Spanish Society for Palliative Care (SECPAL) prepared a document with a series of guidelines on the symptomatic control of seriously ill patients affected by the COVID-19 disease requiring palliative sedation and near the end of life.22 This “guideline” document is not binding, but at the end of the document they state that palliative sedation, prior authorization from patients and their family, is an ethical and deontologically [means fitting the end] mandatory practice. It is worth analyzing the “guidelines” for seriously ill people who are confined to their homes or residential nursing centers. Another document from the Castilla León Health Board recommends similar treatment in the case of lockdown at home or in old people‟s residences.23 

20 residencias/488452348_0.html 21 22 9%20_1.%20Documento%20para%20profesionales_1.pdf 23 atencionprimaria.ficheros/1573585030420_PROTOCOLO%20integral%20de%20actuaci%C3%B3n%20en %20PACIENTES%20en%20situaci%C3%B3n%20de%20%C3%9ALTIMOS%20D%C3%8DAS%20y%20F ALLECIMIENTO%20por%20COVID19.pdf 

One of the first symptoms that can appear in COVID-19 is dyspnea (breathlessness or shortness of breath), but this could also be caused by anxiety and stress derived from confinement in a room itself. In these cases, morphine is recommended. Haloperidol was injected to prevent nausea or vomiting resulting from the side effects of morphine. Midazolam is administered in cases of tachypnea (an increase in respiratory rate above normal), which can also appear in cases of anxiety, fear or crying, situations that probably occurred frequently within the [care home] rooms. For cases of respiratory discharge, it was recommended to use Buscapina, which in turn can cause dyspnea as an adverse reaction. 

Different European organizations referring to palliative sedation recommend morphine and midazolam in cases of Acute Respiratory Syndrome, lorezapam in case of anxiety, morphine in cases of cough and pain, metoclopramide in cases of nausea, and haloperidol in cases of delirium.24 

Weeks before the government decreed the first state of emergency, a significant portion of nursing homes and other centers for dependents restricted visits and began isolation protocols. These people were denied visits and confined, with greater or lesser degrees of freedom, either in a unit or in a room. They were isolated for weeks on the pretext of avoiding contagion with other residents.25 

It is impossible to know the degree of care received in each care home in Spain, but it is certain that some of these centers were not prepared to face an indefinite lockdown situation. [Such] centers are prepared to function optimally under routine hours, visits, food, hygiene – and medical, physical, psychological and affective care. 

You do not have to be a doctor to know that when an elderly person, in many cases with serious pathologies and very dependent, is told that there is a deadly virus, [when] they are denied visits, [when] their mobility is reduced, [when] they are not allowed to get enough the sun or fresh air and, worst of all, there is no specific end date, they begin to develop depression. To the physical fatigue and neglect caused by a situation that overwhelmed caregivers, we must add psychological disorders typical of sudden confinement that are somatized in anxiety, depression of the immune system, feelings of abandonment, and repetitive thoughts about death. 

There are testimonies from [old people‟s] residences of staff, whether due to fear of contagion, stress, anxiety or sick leave, could not attend work.26 These vacancies were not filled at such a critical time. Access to information that relatives of the deceased are claiming is also being hindered. The relatives of many victims had little or no contact during the development of these events. Certain residences, either because they were in a profitability threshold situation or due to simple greed, already had, before the COVID-19 situation, scarce and poorly trained staff. 

We do not have data from all over Spain to specify whether this situation has become more focused in private or public residences, or those with more or less purchasing 

24 25 26 Private source. Testimonies obtained directly from relatives of victims by the StopConfinamietoEspaña team: secrecy in patient treatment, doctors on leave in the midst of the crisis, a cold and distant attitude on the part of the centers, suspicion that residents were held on until the end of the month to collect the month of March, residences denied contacts between victims of relatives to avoid them associating, deletion of data from the apps for follow-up after death, inaccuracy in times of transfer to hospital and death 

power. On the other hand, thousands of care homes have done their job well. The whole sector cannot be pilloried for this scandal, but it is urgent to clarify responsibilities. Care homes are not hospitals, or ICUs, or jails, or confinement centers of transients; they are the homes of the elderly. The elderly usually die in hospital or at least that happened until March 2020. 

At a certain point, desperate warnings began to come asking for the urgent hospitalization of many of these elderly people. This distress call was, in many cases, neglected. We do not know how many cases of hospitalization requested were from people with symptoms similar to COVID-19 and how many requested an admission for heart and cerebrovascular disease, pneumonia, influenza or seasonal flu, advanced Alzheimer’s, diabetes or diseases caused by lockdown itself. Given the collapse of health that some hospitals were experiencing in those weeks of March and early April 2020, the protocol was to choose between who lived and who died. There was no space in the hospitals. It was a “protocol of war”. 

In the same residence, cases of patients with respiratory pathologies and other diseases (tumors, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, diabetes…) could converge. These people had to be isolated when there was a single positive identified by a rapid test. An epidemiological outbreak was then declared throughout the residence, confining the elderly in their rooms. 

Sending sedatives and using them in care homes is one of the most important and sinister chapters in the history of the Spanish fake pandemic. Much information is missing, secrecy is maximum. We will never know if the sedative doses were administered correctly in the cases where it was necessary, if it was given at [staff] discretion due to [staff being] overwhelmed with work or if there was uncontrolled sedations. What did happen were many cases of abandonment. The news about the thousands of affected families denouncing the deaths of their loved ones in residences soon came out.27 A platform called Marea de Residencias [Confused Care Homes – “marea” means seasickness/ wave] was created to coordinate all complaints about these unclear deaths.28 Whose responsibility is this massacre of the elderly? 

The attempt to coordinate between provinces and other autonomous communities, either did not work correctly or was insufficient,29 or it was late or perhaps the three previous assumptions are correct. The army’s work in this “war situation” consisted of developing Operation Balmis,30 which fumigated using toxic products that could cause suffocation.31 The product used was BDS 2000. This component contained stabilized peracetic acid as an active ingredient. Exposure to peracetic acid can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory system, and increased or long-term exposure can cause 

27 mayores-vitalialeganes-covid 28 29 March 30th trasladarpacientes-uci-autonomias-1470 30 6824 spraying missions, April 13th uqw4rvwrpzfm7hhsl7bge3pp7q.html 31 

permanent lung damage.32 There is research linking this acid to death with 1% permanence of this product.33 

This product is used by the Spanish army, as shown by the Kaercher brand map.34 The spraying work35 was carried out thoroughly.36 

Cooperation with private healthcare is scarce.37 There were 10% of ICU admissions as of April 1. 

32 33 34 35 36 37 privadoscapacidad-atender-coronavirus-95-camas-libres_18_2922945163.html 


As of June 3, 2020, 71% of those who died of coronavirus in Spain died in residences and other dependent centers.38 

*Castilla León data may contain an error 

38 espana/2011609.shtml 



“Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it […] I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” 

Kary Mullis,39 inventor of the PCR technique 

Officially, the world is experiencing a pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease believed to be the cause of COVID-19. To date, the virus has not been purified and there is no extant electron micrograph of (virus) particles without being mixed with other cellular particles. The origin of these cells is a specific culture to analyze said samples. 

How do health authorities diagnose COVID-19 disease and the virus SARS-CoV-2 in the human body? 

According to an article published in the [Spanish] Ministry of Science and Innovation,40 “Rapid tests are based on a paper immunochromatography, that is, a platform „stuck‟ with [specific] virus proteins to detect antibodies or specific antibodies to detect virus proteins. Its operation is similar to the pregnancy test.” 

The reliability of these tests is questionable when performed on the basis of a virus about which a lot of information is still unknown and in no case can it be used as only diagnostic test to determine if someone has or has already had the COVID-19 disease. The WHO has advised against its use since April 8.41 We also do not know if it is useful for the above purpose, and how many defective items [test kits] were purchased.42 

39 40 acion/COVID19_PCR_test.aspx 41 of-point-of-care-immunodiagnostic-tests-for-covid-19 42 proveedor-deconfianza_2560192/ 


In the words of Fernando Simón,43 [Director of CCAES – Spanish Centre for Coordination of Health Emergencies and Alerts] “in recent days more scientific information and studies are emerging that are beginning to questioning the results of rapid tests that detect antibodies. Some are not specific enough for the coronavirus as was recently thought.” 

The government allocated €41.5 million at the end of April for the purchase of these tests.44 

PCR,45 which stands for ‘Polymerase Chain Reaction’, is [often used as] a diagnostic test that allows the detection of a fragment of the genetic material of a pathogen or microorganism. In the current coronavirus pandemic, as in so many other crises of Public Health related to infectious diseases, has been used since the early days to determine if a person is infected or not. 

In 1993 Kary Mullis received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the PCR technique. Dr. Mullis, who died last year,46 rejected the PCR technique as a diagnostic method and fought a battle against the scientific community by questioning the answer to the question: “Is HIV the likely cause of AIDS disease?” 

For years the most common diagnostic test to detect HIV was precisely the PCR discovered by Mullis. “PCR made it easier to see that certain people are infected with HIV and some of those people came down with symptoms of AIDS. But that doesn’t begin even to answer the question: „Does HIV cause it?‟ […] Humans beings are full of retroviruses […] We don‟t know if it is hundreds or thousands, or hundreds of thousands. We‟ve only recently started to look for them. But they‟ve never killed anyone before. People have always survived retroviruses”.47 

A section of the scientific community questions whether the RT-PCR technique serves as definitive diagnosis to confirm whether a person is or has been infected with the virus SARS-CoV-2. It is worth highlighting the work of David Crowe,48 a science writer, president of the group “Rethinking AIDS” and host of the weekly podcast “The Infectious Myth”. 

David Crowe has been preparing a document since the beginning of the pandemic, in which is all the dogmatic evidence on the mechanism of action and the very origin of the genetic material that has been identified as a virus. The document is called “Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory” and is available in Spanish. 

Let’s see here a summary taken from that document

43 ABC pensaba-202005121308_noticia.html 44 ABC rapidosahora-pone-duda-202005121949_noticia.html 45 See reference 40 46 Article about Mullis and the PCR test-meantto-detect-a-virus/ 47 [Spanish] [English] 48 Youtube interview: 


The main problems in the PCR diagnostic test are: 

– The test does not give a binary result, positive or negative, and has an arbitrary cutoff. This means that the test yields a quantitative result, and from there a threshold is established above which it is considered positive, and below which it is considered negative. 

– The amount of RNA found, or viral load, does not correlate with the disease. In other words, being positive in the PCR test for the supposedly viral RNA genetic material does not necessarily mean having or developing the disease called Covid-19. 

– In theory, a negative test means not infected and positive means infected; however, there are tons of reported cases where people went from infected to uninfected and back to infected, sometimes even several times. This would indicate that environmental factors, or imbalances in the body’s hemostasis,49 are the reasons that would determine the presence of said genetic material that is currently identified as a positive case for SARS-2. 

– Results below the limit are not displayed and are treated as negative, but if PCR continues to occur beyond the threshold, eventually this would suddenly be a positive result, indicating the presence of small amounts of RNA that, supposedly, would be exclusive to the SARS-CoV-2. 

– There is no consensus among the marketers of RT-PCR tests on how many cycles are necessary to determine if someone is infected or not. The number of PCR cycles can influence the result. 

The greater the number of cycles, the more possibility of amplifying the RNA up to the threshold of a positive result. Currently different countries use different protocols with different number of cycles. 

– RT-PCR tests can be positive in asymptomatic people who have not had exposure or contact with any potential vector of contagion. 

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),50 a key body for RT-PCR test certification, “if an RT-PCR is positive, the result is most likely correct (the only case of false positive could be happening if a non-positive sample is contaminated with viral material, during test processing for instance. False negative results are also possible with RT-PCR, but are most frequently the result of a wrong patient sampling.” For the OECD, there is no failure beyond that produced at the time of sample collection. This means, if there is an error, it is a human error. 

Despite all this, a positive PCR or rapid test remains unquestionable in all cases. No alternative interpretation is allowed. Science, like new religion, has its dogmas. Most doctors have followed the protocol that has been ordered, without asking if what they do is correct or not. Those who question the dogmas are marginalized and ridiculed, but their questions are still unanswered. Thanks to the internet, the number of these critical professionals with official protocols increase every day and it is already very difficult to silence them. 

49 Note about hemostasis added by #StopConfinamientoEspaña 50 [Sic. The English of the quote is ungramamtical.] Testing for COVID-19: https://read.oecd- restrictions 


In an audio interview, RT-PCR expert Professor Stephen Bustin stated that cycles should probably be limited to 35. The MIQE guidelines for use and reporting of RT- PCR, of which Bustin was a member, warn that “Cq [PCR cycle] values >=40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should be reported”, specifically warning of the risk of false positives. [Crowe gives] examples [from Singapore which] used 37 and 40 as the upper limit, and a workflow published by German hospital Charité Berlin, which specified 45 cycles [58]. Tests from Altona Diagnostics and Vitassay, also recommend 45 cycles. A review of all the tests approved under emergency authorization by the US FDA showed tests severally recommending that: less than 30, 31, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 cycles should be considered positive; 12 recommended less than 40; and one each recommended 43 and 45.51 


Below we attach a fragment of the statement from the General Council of Official Medical Associations – the Collegiate Medical Organization [OMC] of Spain:52 

Given the declaration of the state of emergency for the management of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, and following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice, in relation to the Death Certificates of the deceased by natural causes, and in especially in cases with Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19 infection, and according to the definitions proposed by the WHO, the National Vocation of Public Administrations of the General Council of Official Medical Associations (CGCOM) states the procedure to follow on Death Certificates: 

– The judicial intervention of the forensic doctor will be limited, therefore, to cases of violent death or in which there is clear suspicion of criminality. 

– For the issuance of the corresponding death certificates, in cases of probable COVID- 19 infection in the community environment without analytical confirmation, after consulting, if possible, the medical history of the deceased with special attention to the symptoms described of the infection, proceed to certify as follows: 

• Initial or Fundamental Cause of Death: COVID-19 NOT CONFIRMED or SUSPECTED CORONAVIRUS INFECTION. 

– In the cases of COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory test, the Fundamental Cause must include it as follows: COVID-19 CONFIRMED. For the rest of the certification, proceed as in the previous section. 

Three conclusions can be drawn from here: 

51 Page 14 52 28032020.pdf 


First. The Spanish medical community has not performed autopsies on deceased people with COVID-19, either for reasons of public health research or clarification of doubtful deaths. 

Second. At the mere suspicion of the doctor, in the absence of means of confirmation, on the death certificate the fundamental cause of death will be COVID-19. 

Third. For anyone who died with a positive diagnostic test, regardless of the cause of death, confirmed COVID-19 will appear on their death certificate. 

Deceased under the second and third criteria add to the official list of deaths from coronavirus. Does the government have exact information on how many people have died from COVID-19 in Spain? Was there an intention to increase the death toll to continue spreading the virus of fear? 



The StopConfinamientoEspaña team was studying the MoMo mortality charts (Daily Mortality Monitoring)53 but given the continuous playing with figures, the alleged appearance of 12,000 deaths that were not computed and the low credibility in official statistical agencies at the moment,54 we are not going to do a detailed analysis of mortality community by community. In any case, using the data provided with reservations, the following conclusions can be drawn: 

First) Population density has not been a determining factor. Madrid and Catalonia have one of the highest, Castilla León and Castilla la Mancha, one of the lowest. All 4 have a much higher mortality than expected. 

Second) The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, with great air traffic due to tourism, have hardly had any deaths. Madrid and Barcelona, communications hubs, yes, they have had them. Castilla León and La Mancha do not have relevant airports or transit points, however, they have also suffered high mortality. 

Third) The lockdown rules have been exactly the same for all C.C.A.A. [autonomous communites] of the [Iberian] peninsula, islands and autonomous cities. If lockdown saved lives, it should have saved them uniformly across the country. 

Fourth) To highlight the cases of Ceuta and Melilla, lockdown with 4 and 2 deceased with COVID-19. 

Fifth) There are autonomous communities where there has been no increase in mortality above the average.55 

The deaths have been concentrated, precisely, in the most confined and vulnerable segment of the population: residents in care homes. If the virus knows no borders, why is it that the elderly population confined to their homes have not died in their thousands, even going out to shop, to the bank or the pharmacy? With the hospitals collapsed, the elderly at home would not have had a chance either. This false pandemic has been sold as a biblical plague, but it has neither been a plague nor has it been of biblical proportions. 

53 s/MoMo/Paginas/Informes-MoMo-2020.aspx 54 55 Ceuta, Melilla, Galicia, Asturias, Islas Baleares, Canarias, Murcia and Cantabria 



“You can fool some people all of the time and you can fool everyone for some of the time, but you can’t fool everyone all of the time”56 

Our elders, the great forgotten of this false pandemic, what measures were implemented to protect them? Why are we the country [Spain] in the world with one of the highest death rates per million with COVID-19? Is it true that they have been left to die alone and sedated? 

These questions and more are on the minds of many ordinary citizens, either because they have suffered the loss of their loved ones or for the simple solidarity and respect that we have for our elders. People who have fought for our rights and who have sweated for their well-deserved retirement. 

First of all, we must say that responsibilities are shared between the care homes, primary care centers, Health Departments of the Autonomous Communities and Ministries of Health and Social Rights Agenda 2030, although the Ministries assumed the ultimate responsibility and coordination. 

The Ministry of Health published a Ministerial Order SND / 265/2020,57 on March 19, which gives coordination instructions between the care homes affected by COVID-19 and the competent primary care centers for the care and referral of residents to their respective facilities. 

In the first place, we find the responsibility of the care homes regarding the taking of measures in case it is necessary to communicate to their primary care center of reference, which in turn is coordinated by the Ministry of Health of the Autonomous Community correspondent. 

We copied verbatim the fifth paragraph point 2 of the cited order. “For this, the staff of the residence must contact the assigned Primary Care Center, which will act in coordination with the doctor of the residence if this resource is available. After a first evaluation of the case and if he presents mild symptoms, the patient will remain in isolation in the residence, guaranteeing that the case is followed up. However, if criteria for referral to a health center are met, the procedure established for this purpose will be activated.” 

Let us remember that we are talking about March 19, the most critical date of the crisis in the care homes. 

The Ministry of Health in the face of the alarming escalation of cases reissues a Ministerial Order SND / 275/2020,58 on March 23, in which it issues new orders complementary to those previously mentioned for the residences and health authorities of the respective CCAA, in which the health authorities of the CCAA are empowered to intervene in private and publicly owned care homes, the reorganization, transfer and healthcare of residents. But the most important point is again the fifth of this order, which speaks of concurrence of exceptional situations, when said residences are 

56 Quote commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln 57 58 


overwhelmed, they must communicate the situation to the competent social and health services of the CCAA, which in turn will communicate said intervention to the Ministries of Health and of Social Rights. 

“Once the appropriate intervention has been carried out, it will be notified with a succinct indication of the establishment where the incident occurred, the situation addressed, the means activated and the final situation, to the Ministries of Health and Social Rights and for the 2030 Agenda. They were these Ministries those who assumed responsibility and coordination of these centers due to the decreed state of alarm, being the most responsible.” 

In this attempt to clarify and synthesize the responsibility for the alleged abandonment of our elders, it is not overlooked that the Ministry of Health is deleting pages of actions in the face of the pandemic, see the example on the page “procedure for action against cases of Sars-COV-2 infection.59 What does the Government and its Ministries hide? 

From the two previous orders we can highlight that the Ministry recommended the use of PPE and the isolation of possible cases, referring the diagnosis to the primary care centers of reference in coordination with the doctor of the residence. 

In a simple analysis we could say that responsibility is clearly delimited between these figures, but it is not. The Ministry of Health and Social Rights assumed the centralized purchases of sanitary material and the coordination and command of all agencies, as stated in the Royal Decree Law on the State of Alarm 463/2020:60 

“Article 13. Measures to ensure the supply of goods and services necessary for the protection of public health.” 

The Minister of Health may: 

a) May issue the necessary orders to ensure the supply of the market and the operation of the services of the production centers affected by the shortage of products necessary for the protection of public health. 

b) It may intervene and temporarily occupy industries, factories, workshops, farms or premises of any nature, including privately owned health centers, services and establishments, as well as those that carry out their activity in the pharmaceutical sector. ” 

We have all seen what happened with the purchases of medical equipment, doctors, ATS and the rest of the personnel of the primary and hospital care centers, with garbage bags making for personal protective equipment, homemade masks or donations from individuals, etc. This is the major responsibility of this Government, in its total ineffectiveness in managing purchases and coordination in the production of health products, it left residences and health care centers unprotected and unprotected. Unable to attend to and save lives with poor means, the published ministerial orders and guides were meaningless documents, rather than mere formalities. There was no material to attend residences and other dependent centers. 

59 Document removed by the Spanish Government documentos/Procedimiento_COVID_19.pdf 60 


Let us also point out the 300 million euros received by the Ministry of Social Rights, in what were all those millions invested? This was ringfenced funding, as evidenced by Royal Decree-Law 8/2020,61 of March 17 in Article 1: 

1. Granting of a credit supplement in the Budget of the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda to finance an Extraordinary Social Fund destined exclusively to the social consequences of COVID-19. 

c). The application of the Contingency Fund and the granting of a credit supplement in the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, for the amount of 300 million euros, are authorized in the budget application 26.16.231F.453.07 “Protection of the family and care to child poverty. Basic benefits of social services”. 

e). Strengthen the staff of Social Services centers and residential centers in the event that it is necessary to make substitutions for prevention, contagion or for the provision of new services or overload of the workforce. 

F). Acquisition of prevention means and protective equipment (PPE). 

As the reader can see, it is clearly specified that personal protective equipment and template reinforcement should be purchased for care centers. The ordinary citizen can verify that, with the figure of 19,000 deaths in care homes only, all this, presumably, was not applied. 

Despite the fact that there are no reliable leaked data on how many deaths were in public, private or private nursing houses, management during the COVID-19 crisis was centralized. The human and material resources had to be distributed under strict criteria of necessity. The figures and dates indicate terrible management. 

We cannot fully trust the figures published by the media related to the political power, so the affected citizen and victim of this misgovernment must request the help of the Courts in order to obtain justice and to clarify the truth of what happened in the nursing homes. 

What we are not going to ignore are objective data published in the BOE and the political responsibilities assumed more with the desire to play a leading role and gain television news minutes than for public service to our elderly and most vulnerable citizens. 



President Pedro Sanchez and 2o Vice-presindent, Pablo Iglesias, also Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda 

Health Ministry, Salvador Illa and Fernando Simon, spokeperson during the COVID crisis 

Every single political formation agreed with the official statement about the fake pandemic. 



“He who tells a lie is not sensible of how great a task he undertakes; for he must be forced to invent twenty more to maintain that one” 

Alexander Pope, English poet 

These are the main conclusions of our investigation about the facts in Spain during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

ONE. The COVID-19 situation has been carefully planned by a sinister and criminal world elite. 

TWO. The WHO, that nest of corruption, has been the pillar on which the entire plandemic has been sustained. The government of Spain has even gone several times beyond the recommendations of this institution. The most obvious case is the use of masks. 

THREE. Covid-19 is not a new disease. It does not present any characteristic feature. Before December 2019, there were already cases of death from pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Syndrome, septic shock and sepsis. Millions of people in the world die each year from these symptoms, either with all or some of them. Interestingly, with COVID-19 people officially die even without any of these conditions, for example, heart attacks or strokes. These figures add to the official statistics. It is the only disease in the world for which it is possible to die without any symptoms of the disease itself

FOUR. Five months after the appearance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it has not yet been purified and there is still a great lack of knowledge about it. Scientists look under a microscope at what they think is SARS-CoV-2 surrounded by an amalgam of particles. Remember that 35 years after the onset of HIV, there are still many questions to answer. 

FIVE. A vaccine is not viable in the short term. There has not been enough time to investigate the virus, and human testing must take years to avoid side effects. Flu vaccines are still ineffective. 

SIX. The RT-PCR technique and rapid tests used to affirm the presence of this coronavirus in the human body do not serve this purpose. The psychosis on the number of infected is based on tests that are not reliable. 


SEVEN. The actual numbers of infected and deceased have been inflated. Those infected with the RT-PCR tests/ rapid tests and the number of deceased have been manipulated through death certificates. Many who died of other causes have been certified with Covid-19 and cardiorespiratory arrest, probably in the majority of cases of sedation in the residences. The main motivation for increasing the numbers has been to increase paranoia in the population, thus forcing them to take more measures of social control. 

EIGHT. The connection between the SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease has not been demonstrated. The medical-scientific community has faced this disease ignoring what was learned in the 2003 SARS crisis. 

NINE. If there had been a more contagious outbreak, it has to be shown that it was caused exclusively by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as it has been sold that way. The scientific community seems to ignore factors such as pollution or other suspicious particles in the air in the increase in respiratory problems and the relationship that these could have with the so-called COVID-19 disease. This circumstance is not contemplated, the high priests have proclaimed that it was the coronavirus and this is how it should be believed. 

TEN. The actual death rate from COVID-19 disease is much lower than the official one. The vast majority of those killed by COVID-19 already suffered from serious previous pathologies, making it very difficult to discern the exact cause of death. Any deceased with a positive test increased the number, corrupting the statistics. Pneumology is a very complex branch of medicine, but there has been no hesitation at all in firmly asserting that all official deaths have been caused by the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

ELEVEN. If humanity had stopped in its tracks by a very lethal and contagious virus, we would have seen thousands and thousands of healthcare workers die, especially in Spain, where PPE was scarce in the early days. The deceased healthcare workers harbor the same doubts as the rest of the dead: doubts in the test and doubts in the real cause of death. The virus has been sold as a terrifying pathogen at the right moment. It would be necessary to compare the sick leave produced in a flu spike of a previous year and add those caused by the hysteria of staff about becoming infected, a situation that contrasts with the videos of the choreography in hospitals. 

TWELVE. The medical sector is lobbying, expediting and firing professionals who are questioning the official version. 

THIRTEEN. The reason why no autopsies were performed is unclear. The possible contagion to forensic doctors is ruled out. Spain had the means to carry them out safely. There was no investigation to better understand the disease or to clarify cases of questionable deaths. 


FOURTEEN: The March 8 demonstration only influenced the health crisis, promoting subsequent panic among those who attended, causing concern among all participants. Predictably, many of these people went to the hospital when they felt symptoms as common as cough or fever, increasing saturation. Before asking for responsibilities, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19 disease. If there had been a more contagious flu outbreak (during this situation, the common crisis miraculously disappeared), the health authorities should have alerted people with serious respiratory pathologies and these, on their own responsibility, decide if they attend a demonstration, take the Subway, go to a soccer stadium or attend a political rally. What the WHO said a week earlier in a hidden document is irrelevant, it is only one more part of the Spanish parliamentary theater. It is from the WHO that this lie comes. 

FIFTEEN. The chaos in some hospitals was caused by the informational attack by the media, thus preventing adequate care for patients with symptoms of COVID-19 and other pathologies. In Spain, in no way could we cope with this situation given the unfortunate previous state of health and a good part of the residences. If TV had not reported in such a pernicious way on the coronavirus in a parallel world, we are sure that this chaos would not have occurred. The WHO estimated that seasonal flu (before it disappeared) caused about 650,000 deaths a year worldwide. 

SIXTEEN. The media have relayed this crisis projecting the misleading image that each and every one of the Spanish hospitals had collapsed. This is outright falsity. The media sold Madrid as a snapshot of the March crisis in Spain. It was the most media manipulated city. Certain hospitals suffer from chronic saturation; the COVID-19 situation filled them even more. However, in many other provincial hospitals, work was carried out at a more or less normal rate, especially when thousands of people stopped attending due to fear of contagion and notices from the health authorities not to present themselves in the emergency departments. It is also understood that in a “war situation” private healthcare would have been at the limit. It was not the case. 

SEVENTEEN. Invasive ventilation treatments, improvisation in protocols, and medication supplied could target cases of medical negligence resulting in death. 

EIGHTEEN. Emergency interventions have only been carried out for seriously ill patients with other pathologies. Tests and diagnoses that were already suffering huge backlogs have been postponed. Health care by telephone in the consultations is deficient and hinders the correct diagnosis. At the beginning of June 2020, activity in hospitals is minimal since people do not attend, out of fear. 

NINETEEN. An informative terrorist attack against the world population is taking place, inoculating the idea of the coronavirus, disease, contagion and death. The collective paranoia caused people to rush to the hospital and many healthcare workers to 


become hysterical. Another sector of the population was terrified at home, in many cases waiting for healthcare. The psychosomatic effects of bombarding the population for 3 months with the thought of fatal respiratory illness cannot be measured, but they certainly had consequences. A true story can be more dangerous than a false one if it is decontextualized, omits data or skews reality. 

TWENTY. In no quarantine are both healthy and sick isolated. Group immunity would have resolved the passage of this situation without problems. 

TWENTY ONE. The forced lockdown of the entire population has only meant ruin. Collapse of the economy, limitation of rights, freedoms, physical and psychological harm for the entire population. 

TWENTY TWO. The current use of the mask in Spain and social distancing is meaningless. It has no medical basis. Prolonged use of the mask is harmful to health, especially in children and the elderly. Not even the WHO requires its use or recommends it in healthy people. The forced use of the mask is also illegal, big business for the government and related companies. The muzzle is a symbol of ignorance, fear and submission. 

TWENTY THREE. Mortality in Spain during the COVID-19 crisis has been concentrated in residences. A crime has been committed and responsibilities must be refined. 

TWENTY FOUR. The Spanish political class as a whole maintains the official theory of the coronavirus. The supposed division between parties is a theater, a false democracy. Basically they agree. The completely corrupt Spanish judicial system protects the political class from all its misdeeds. 

TWENTY-FIVE. The “new normal”, which is intended to be imposed with the excuse of protecting ourselves from the coronavirus, is nothing more than a sophisticated form of a coup. It will perpetuate leaders, it will be legislated on the basis of a decree, any dissident who does not accept sanitary norms will be considered dangerous and large amounts of human and material resources will be allocated to social control projects with the excuse of protecting ourselves from the coronavirus. 

TWENTY SIX. One of the main goals in this whole doctrine of terror is to traumatize children. If they manage to bend the wills from the earliest childhood, in their maturity they will accept all fear-based control measures as normal. 


TWENTY SEVEN. With the excuse of controlling the pandemic, the Government is preparing the installation of people tracking systems managed by Artificial Intelligence. Accepting, or facilitating the installation of this software is an agreement to the loss of your own freedom and individual sovereignty. Initially, its implementation will be voluntary, but with the passage of time it will become mandatory without there having been a previous debate in society. There are serious doubts about possible security breaches in the system and how people’s privacy would be protected. Additionally, the effectiveness of this measure is based exclusively on the results, more than debatable, of the PCR-RT tests and this can lead to a high number of false positives in the chain within communities and families. 

TWENTY EIGHT. The tourist regions of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands suffer the most from the false pandemic experiment, with its tourism industry closed for months and great uncertainty on the horizon. Central government measures, as well as the international project of a CovidPass © passport, keep the economy and tourism hijacked in both archipelagos. With the excuse of recovering the economy, they want to make the islands an international laboratory for tourism worldwide. The populations of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands will be the first to be subjected to biometric control systems and digital health passports as a requirement to be able to return to work, under the message that there is no other option. 

TWENTY-NINE. COVID-19 is one of humanity’s biggest scams. This contagious disease causes fear, paranoia, ruins countries, eliminates liberties and tries to enslave all the nations that assume their theses. It is never too late to ask questions. 

With this work, the team at StopConfinamientoEspaña does not intend to establish a chair or pretend to be absolutely right on all points, but rather raises reasonable doubts in some aspects of this “plandemia“, so that people who have suspicions about the COVID-19 situation can investigate on their own reaching their own conclusions. This is just our version of the story. If humanity does not open its eyes to what is happening, it can be dragged into a time of darkness. Let’s not lose hope, more and more people are waking up and with this document, we, the Stop Confinamiento España team, intend to collaborate with the cause. We reject the “new normal” and advocate recovering the economic activity, the social fabric and the cultural scene of our country. 




Thanks to all who have collaborated in this work. Changes and corrections are posible at the request of the named authors. 


Translation and explanatory glossary by A.A. from StopConfinamientoEspaña and Dr Alan McManus 

Reference 13: Note added about Koch postulates 

Reference 14: Dr. Kaufman video added 

Reference 49: Note about hemostasis added by StopConfinamiento, not referenced in David Crowe paper. 

Conclusion 5. Added flu reference 

Minor changes in spelling 

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