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Everything You Need to Know to Buy the Best Coffee Beans

To make your coffee taste best, all you need is, to choose the right kind of coffee beans. There are certain things you need to pay attention to when buying coffee off the shelf or at the café. Firstly, you need to remember one simple thing that freshly ground coffee powder is better than pre-ground ones. The oils and aroma present in the beans are much more flavourful in the freshly ground powder and tastes best when used instantly. It tends to lose its flavour when stored for a long time. Secondly, your choice of coffee beans has much to do with its taste. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right kind of coffee beans you are looking to buy.

Choose what you like

There are two popular varieties of coffee beans found in the market. They are Arabica and Robusta. While the former is rich, mild and gives you a delightful taste, the latter is strong and bitter in the aroma. So, before making the coffee tastes best, you need to figure out your taste preference. 

The colour of your coffee beans tells you a lot 

Some espresso people need their first cup to have a reliable tasty and getting this takes a lot of experience. If you lean toward coffee that has a smooth taste then your choice must be the dry, light shaded coffee beans. Roasting these type of coffee bean for a shorter period will leave you with an exquisitely sweet taste. But, if you are someone who likes your coffee to be dark and bitter then you need to go for the dark coloured beans. These beans will, in general, be shinny, with a dull appearance. When powdered, they produce an intense and strong taste, releasing more espresso oils to the blend.

Caffeine levels

In opposition to popular belief, dark coffee beans have lower levels of caffeine than those of light or medium colour. Light beans have the most significant amount of caffeine when compared to all the others. Most Espresso beans coffee fall in the medium category. If you need to intake more caffeine then you need to choose the light or medium coloured beans. 

Be aware of the roasted date

Significantly, it is good to consume newly simmered espresso. Before purchasing your beans,  look for the information of roasted date.So, you will know whether the coffee beans are fresh are not. If you don’t have an espresso maker in your home, get the entire bean pack and ask the market or bistro to pound them for you. Don’t go for grounded coffee power as there are a lot of questions in their making process.

Do not trust the Label

Espresso beans that say as 100% original Arabica or Robusta is normal. This is generally false regardless of the way that the best espresso beans originate from this plant. Not all they advertise in the market are true. Sometimes the quality or type of coffee beans is not checked accurately. And no package is purely the 100% of what they claim. But, be sure to pay attention to what you buy. Variety doesn’t ensure quality; be that as it may, focusing on such refinements is an impression of the consideration given to great beans.

Choose the correct Origin

We all know that coffee grows well in warmer regions.  Based on various external conditions like the temperature, humidity, water content and soil type the taste of your coffee differs. If you like the sweet, fruity and flavourful type of coffee, then you need to choose the African variety of coffee beans. Among the many, this variety has a sweet fruity taste when compared to other types. American coffee beans are suitable for people who like the mild smooth taste of expresso. For heavy drink, you need to choose the Brazilian kind of coffee beans. Indian coffee beans taste slightly more bitter with all the fragrance of herbs and heavy scent.

The right kind of processing 

You can very well see the method of processing mentioned in the description label of the product. Most commonly it is said as washed or natural in the package. You need to pay equal attention to this information as it is important. A cleaned or washed types of coffee beans are removed out of their berry skin to proceed with the fermentation process. These coffee beans will possess clear flavours and clarity in their taste. On the other side, doing this process removes the unwanted specks of dirt in the beans. The natural variety of coffee beans are dried without removing its berry layer. So, the coffee beans will be left with the fruity taste when ground to powder. It will have a very sweet taste accompanied by a rich aroma.

So that is pretty much the essentials you need to be aware of. The next time you are hoping to get coffee beans, take a look at the data that you have read above to buy the right kind of coffee beans. It might assist you in making better choices without getting confused over multiple variants that are available in the market.

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