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Top 3 Sales Techniques to Close in 2020

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Whether you are just starting your adventure into sales or are an experienced salesperson, everyone could use some pointers. In this article, I will be focusing on how to make, master, and close B2B sales call for higher conversions every time. 

Let’s jump right into it!

#1: Warm Calls 

The main difference between cold calling and warm calling is knowing who you are talking to versus going in blind. A warm call means that you have done some research on the prospect and they have engaged in some way with your business. You will want to move fast so don’t spend too much time looking up every single part of their company. Rather do a short preview of their site, options, and offerings and see how and where your company can help. 

If you look into sales training London you will find a bevvy of helpful tips to identify the right fit for your company, what and how to research, and of course the all-important opening. Sales training London courses will help you find your authentic voice and connect to your prospect. 

#2: Don’t Oversell 

I used to be a sales trainer and one of the first things I told my reps was not to list every feature of the product or service they were selling. After the surprised looks I explained the psychological aspect of selling. 

Put simply the more you talk about something the less likely people will trust what you are saying. Think about a car salesperson. You came in looking for something specific and here is this person going on and on about a car that is completely irrelevant. With your potential prospect, talking less and asking more will help you be the solution they need. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What’s one thing you would have done differently in this last quarter?
  • What about our service would help you the most?
  • What’s the number one thing you have tried that hasn’t worked?

If you notice, each of these questions is about your customer and their experience. Once you create this type of relationship it is then easy to suggest what you do have that could work for them. 

Pro Tip: Be honest. If your product won’t help them don’t say it will instead tell them what you would have them try that will best support their needs. 

#3: Foresee Objections

No, you don’t need a crystal ball but you do need to do your work and understand your service from your customers perspective. If you have done any sales training or looked up top sales techniques you have probably come across sales theories These have a few different names but they basically offer you a guidepost to understanding who your customers are so you can foresee objections and be prepared. 

Here is a list that is simple to reference:

  1. Dominant (D) – Assertive, decisive, but can dominate the conversation
  2. Influential (I) – interactive, inspirational, can be impulsive 
  3. Compliant C – careful and cautious
  4. Steady (S) – stable and supportive but also slow and sensitive

How you understand each person will help you sell them on your UVP and close. 

Check out sales training London to learn how to close each of these customers. 

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