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Fife businessman says he meant no offence when he ‘blackfaced’ in a bear suit – those that took offence should put it back immediately and grow up

A prominent businessman said he meant no offence after being caught up in a “blackface” row in a Fife village.

Duncan Collier, who runs a local haulage, quarrying and recycling business, drove a vintage tractor through Crossgates, dressed as a brown bear, to hand out gala goodie bags to  youngsters.

His choice of attire raised eyebrows among some in the community, who felt the decision to don brown facepaint was ill-judged.

One local mother contacted The Courier claiming the costume had prompted her child to start asking some “very difficult questions”.

“Mr Collier dressed up as a bear, I think, to entertain the crowds,” she said.

“However, all he has done is cause offence.

“He ‘blacked up’ for the occasion, and I find it disrespectful, disgusting and goes against the current Black Lives Matter campaign.”

A spokesperson for Mr Collier released a statement in response to the claims, urging anyone to speak with locals in Crossgates and visit the local teddy bear’s picnic-themed community forest – to which Mr Collier has contributed – as a means of judging his character.

“Duncan Collier is a highly respected and liked local business man who is very well received in the community of Crossgates,” the statement added.

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