Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 24 June 2020

Robots are the Beginning of the End for the Economy

Tony Robbins recently did an interview with a robot and it’s clear to anyone with a triple digit IQ that the technocrats want to replace the human workforce with droids. The problem with this is the threat of a robot take over, but not the way you may think. The threat of robots is not physical, it’s economical. Hiring robo-employees is cheaper for big corporations as robots don’t need a salary, vacations, or medical benefits since they don’t get sick. 

COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of robots in the workforce as companies need an alternative since social distancing creates limitations in hiring. Robots are immune to social distancing laws and thus are perfect for replacing humans. In fact, the World Economic Forum already foresees The Fourth Industrial Revolution where digital technology, robots, AI, and automation is going to expand boundaries, virtually eliminate borders, and expand communication. In other words, it’s the globalist’s dream – open borders and free access to everyone’s private life.

Efficiency and productively translates to more profits, but what does that mean for human beings seeking to create wealth?

Hire a Few to Bring the Cash

Jobs are now a rarity as remote work has become the norm. However, business owners are looking into robotic and automation AI systems to compensate the financial loss of COVID-19. The reason robots will take over the economy comes down to one thing – money. Companies are looking to recover from their losses and outsourcing to robots cuts costs and reduces hiring expenses. Even with the few job opportunities available, employees are expected to perform more work than previously thought as companies want to get the best bang for their buck.

Employment availability is going to continue to plunder, to the point of job monopoly where a handful of technology corporations control the economy. As the younger generation will become more desperate, the US and Canada may see qualified individuals with engineering degrees driving taxi or other menial jobs just like how qualified immigrants are doing now. Other countries however, may see a surge in economic growth as US companies may establish themselves in foreign lands looking to hire native professionals for cheap labor.

Robots Offer Contact-less Service

Companies need a cost affordable way to get their business up and running while following the law. Robots enable them to legally run their business without worrying about any litigation. KFC has already implemented robots to deliver such a service, and this trend is going to spread. The big dogs will monopolize the economy because small business owners won’t be able to afford robots and follow the ridiculous social distancing and contact-less rules with human workers. It is also costly for them to provide safety equipment and follow strict procedure.

A second wave is highly anticipated so robotics will continue to grow. Eventually things will get back normal by the traditional sense, but it will be at a huge cost. With vaccines and more government regulations on the way, it makes it more difficult for the average person to attain financial freedom. This will make the population helpless and dependent on government who will only be happy to control them even more with universal income.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if the government starts assigning people housing, career, associations, even personal choices like diet and mating partners. People may think this is absurd, but all we have to do is look at a high-tech communist country like China to see what is being planned for the US and Canada. The Chinese immediately report anyone whom they think is not following the law. The people there are like organic human drones in that they control each other by pointing the finger at anyone who dares be an individual.

Social distancing started a long time ago with the introduction of social media and mobile phones. In the US and Canada, we can also see how free speech is being censored by the social justice warriors. Normal male and female behavior is discouraged in favor of social and political idealism. Regardless of what anyone says, the future doesn’t look bright.

The fact of the matter is, AI and robots have been steadily taking over the world over the past twenty years or so to what we have today. Writers depend on Grammarly, artists depend on Adobe, millennials depend on phones, professors depend on PowerPoint slides, and businesses depend on social media. The days of physical salesmanship, apprenticeship, and person to person live training are long gone. I don’t see people awakening but rather sleeping with a severe case of denial to what is happening right before their eyes.

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