Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 June 2020

The Dummy’s Guide to Authoritarianism (Or, the Long Kiss Goodbye to the Good Life)

Power politics of the 21st century has acquired a need for legitimacy. And quite rightly so. Gone are the days of marauding despots, kings and thieves, unashamedly plundering, wreaking havoc and having first dibs on the common man’s virgin bride, all under the good name of tyranny. No, today’s power elite has an expensive veneer and intoxicating pizzazz. They are credible and civilised (so long as you’re not on the receiving end of one of their long-range missiles) and, importantly, they have the solutions to solve the world’s problems.

Indeed, present-day authoritarians have buried their more charming attributes deep within the cachet of five-thousand-dollar suits, faces full of teeth and million-dollar smiles. But don’t be fooled. Beneath the veneer of television voices, lurks the same contaminated DNA that has possessed the maddened minds of vanquishers throughout the golden age of despotism. No blood test is required. Today’s power pin-ups practice the very same crooked schemes of plunder, exploitation and divide & rule, emblematic of their ancestors throughout history. Only, they have traded-in the prehistoric battering club for weapons of mass destruction and the predacious henchmen on Horseback for the scientific advisory committee.

Magic Bullet

This maelstrom of politics throughout the modern era’s magic bullet conspiracy, AKA the dubious public health emergency known as COVID-19, has duped the once chipper British public on a colossal scale. Leaving the good people of these islands unable to perform even the most rudimentary of national pastimes like rolling over and having their stomachs rubbed. Instead, they are too beaten down by fear and confusion to even vaguely identify the elephant in the room. As Noam Chomsky puts it “People not only don’t know what’s happening to them, they don’t even know that they don’t know.”

With the citizenry sufficiently distracted by the Kafkaesque social experiment that has hijacked the good and sailed ship named Common Sense, the political establishment are hammering out new laws, hidden within the Trojan horse of the Coronavirus Act 2020, the legal basis for which is the Public Health Act 1984 (as in George Orwell).

To fully comprehend the severity of the Coronavirus Act, we must first examine the mechanisms of secondary legislation, otherwise known as Statutory Instruments (SI’s), which are powers used to bypass parliamentary process altogether when amending existing legislation.

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