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Seen But Not Herod: Imran Ahmed – the Labour Party ‘advisor’ behind the Icke-deleting Digital Hate

Say hello to Imran Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed is the Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). That is not a typo by the way, at least as far as Companies House is concerned.

The CCDH’s remit is ‘finding practical solutions to the use of identity-based hate to polarise societies and undermine democracy’. Their strategy appears to have been to convince a bunch of blue ticks to engage with the hashtag #DontFeedTheTrolls.

The simple message is that celebrities should not engage with those who abuse them online. Without wishing to trivialise this worthy pearl of wisdom, whilst online abuse does exist it can all too easily be a badge of convenience to avoid having to deal with criticism of whatever they post online.

However, whilst the CCDH are so keen to point out that our beloved, cherished celebrities need protecting from those nasty, evil trolls when the boot is on the other foot they are strangely mute.

In addition, Ahmed blocked a non-celeb (for want of a better expression) for asking how the CCDH should have dealt with Guido Fawkes’ doxxing of Omar Salem, accentuated by BBC News’s Laura Kuenssberg’s ‘This is him here’ missive.

Added to this, Ahmed’s own Twitter feed contained only 69 tweets at the time of writing in spite of Ahmed registering for Twitter in June 2011, with nothing before 28 June this year. That would suggest that Ahmed’s account was dormant for eight years.

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