Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 June 2020

I’ve been sent this flyer with some ‘Covid’ background for people to circulate among those who only watch the mainstream news


  • Do you know that the vast majority of deaths supposedly from Covid-19 have been people who already had serious health problems and were elderly?
  • Do you know that top Virus expert John Oxford says Coronavirus  is a “media epidemic” – will be less UK deaths than normal flu – less than 8,000. He is one of the UK’s foremost virus experts and runs the UK’s only secure isolation ward for testing treatments for viruses on behalf of a company called Open Orphan (ORPH). He has today sent a letter lashing out at a “media epidemic” and saying that Covid 19 is in fact less bad than a normal flu season. He says there will be fewer than 8,000 UK deaths from Coronavirus.
  • Do you know that on 20th May the “Conservative Review” reported the work of Professor/Doctor John Ioannidis of Stanford University [Professor of Medicine, of Epidemiology and Population Health]. Prof. Ioannidis concluded that the fatality rate of coronavirus ranges from 0.02% to 0.40% [ranges from 1 in 5,000 people to 1 in 250 people].
  • Do you know that the Government Guidelines for dealing with Covid-19 are not lawfully enforceable? Former Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption stated that such guidance is ONLY Ministers’ wishes and is NOT the actual law and that such guidelines are NOT enforceable by the Police. The Police will now have to refund thousands of fines issued for breaking lockdown RULES [money that the Police UNLAWFULLY demanded].
  • Official Government website:  – Did you know that on 19th March Covid-19 was NO longer classed as a “High Consequence Infectious Disease”? Then why did the British Government force everyone into the lockdown a few days after 19th March?  There was NO need for the lockdown because the threat of Covid-19 was no longer dangerous. 
  • Have you thought, why the Police and Politicians and others do NOT practice Social Distancing when they say they could easily die if they did NOT do Social Distancing?  Do you really think they would be so careless if they REALLY thought they could actually die? Why do you think that Social Distancing is forced onto the Public but NOT forced onto the Police, Politicians etc?   “One Rule For Them – MPs Break Social Distancing Rules Whilst Queuing In Parliament”:                                                                                                                                          Ref:
  • Have you ever seen dead bodies on the streets? It’s a pandemic they tell us!                                                                                             In a REAL pandemic you would personally know lots of people who have died from Covid-19.
  • Do you think that ONLY sick and very vulnerable people should be quarantined? Do you think it is right to imprison people in their own homes? House imprisonment is unlawful and the Government has NO lawful authority to force people to stay in their homes. Don’t you think the sensible approach is to allow healthy people to continue their lives as normal and NOT to stop the economy [ESSENTIAL food production etc]? We depend upon the economy for FOOD, SHELTER, MEDICAL NEEDS and so many other essential things.
  • Do you know that on 30th March, ex- Supreme Court Judge, Lord Jonathan Sumption strongly criticised the lockdown? Why was this NOT widely publicised by the BBC etc? Lord Sumption is a very high level Judge and he has represented the Queen in a court case.  “Lord Sumption explains national overreaction to Coronavirus”: [QUOTE] “But we have to recognise that this is how societies become despotisms. And we also have to recognise this is a process which leads naturally to exaggeration. The symptoms of coronavirus are clearly serious for those with other significant medical conditions especially if they’re old. There are exceptional cases in which young people have been struck down, which have had a lot of publicity, but the numbers are pretty small. The Italian evidence for instance suggests that only 12% of deaths is it possible to say coronavirus was the main cause of death. So yes this is serious and yes it’s understandable that people cry out to the government. But the real question is : Is this serious enough to warrant putting most of our population into house imprisonment, wrecking our economy for an indefinite period, destroying businesses that honest and hardworking people have taken years to build up , saddling future generations with debt, depression, stress, heart attacks, suicides and unbelievable distress inflicted on millions of people who are not especially vulnerable and will suffer only mild symptoms or none at all, like the Health Secretary and the Prime Minister.”    Ref:                                                                                                
  • Do you know there is NO scientific data to justify: Social Distancing; wearing of face masks; or screens used in shops?  “WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION stands by recommendation to NOT wear masks if you are NOT sick or not caring for someone who is sick”:   Ref:                                                                                                                                                                                   “Expert Explains Why COVID-19 Lockdown and Social Distancing Doesn’t Work”:                                                                    
  • Do you know that wearing face masks is bad for your health? Wearing of face masks during exercise resulted in the death of two Chinese students. There is a lack of oxygen. When wearing a mask, stale air is breathed in again; and spit and waste matter are left on the mask. Not good for health. 
  • CDC [Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – USA] Do you know that there is NO reliable accurate scientific test to prove that a person has Covid-19?  “CDC Says Possibly ‘Less Than Half’ Of Positive Antibody Tests Are Correct”: Ref:
  • Have you thought about how the economy is being destroyed because of the lockdown?  Have you thought about what can happen to food supplies in the months and years to come? What do you think about the consequences of nearly stopping the economy for months and months?  Think about the food “supply chain” [consisting of various businesses]. What will happen?
  • Are you aware that the total number of deaths in England for April & May this year is similar to the total number of deaths for April & May 2019? See Office for National Statistics website: 
  • Have you seen the dancing Nurses and Doctors at the 2012 Olympic ceremonies on Youtube? There is even a doll resembling Boris Johnson sitting on a hospital bed. How could this happen? Now think about all of the dancing Nurses and Doctors you have seen on TV recently. Have you thought about how much time is needed for professional dancers to remember & rehearse such dance routines? How could Nurses do all of that while working long shifts? 
  • Are you aware that it takes a long time to produce so many TV commercials etc that the media created very quickly for your entertainment and for information? How did the BBC/ITV etc know about the lockdown in advance? They must have known in advance because they produced so much for TV that it would have taken many months to do.
  • You will know that the authorities are pushing to have people vaccinated. We suggest that you look at the ingredients for vaccines generally and also for the vaccine they intend to give for Covid-19.  We suggest you learn about vaccines. Do you know about the VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM in USA? See  Do you know about the British Government Vaccine Damage Payment web page? See 
  • CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Do you know that Bill Gates is NOT medically qualified? He is NOT a doctor. Why is he allowed to advise the world about dealing with Covid-19? He has funded the World Health Organisation & the United Nations & Imperial College London etc. Bill Gates has made BILLIONS$$$$$ selling vaccines over many years. Why is a medically UNQUALIFIED BUSINESSMAN such as Bill Gates allowed to interfere with the health of people all over the world?
  • CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Guardian Newspaper: 4th March 2020: “In 2008, he [Whitty] was awarded $40m (£31m) by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for malaria research in Africa.” – [Chris Whitty is the Chief Medical Officer – in Britain] Ref:
  • You will probably be aware that during lockdown lots of work has been carried out to the rollout of 5G equipment on the streets. The fact is that this is a criminal act because such equipment remains UNTESTED for safety and it is UNLAWFUL to test technology on the public. People need to be aware of this. Insurance group Lloyds of London is refusing to insure health claims made against wireless technologies. Other insurance companies are following Lloyds’ example. So health claims made against 5G will not be insured. Why has 5G implementation been accelerated during lockdown? Is the Government hiding something? Why has the British Government allowed this criminal behaviour?
  • What do you think about the contradiction of allowing flights into Britain without passengers doing Social Distancing and also NOT BEING QUARANTINED upon arrival? Really, if there was TRULY a deadly disease then would this be allowed? QUARANTINE ONLY STARTED ON 8th June. Why did they NOT quarantine before 8th June?
  • THE CHILDREN! Have you looked at the arrangements planned for young vulnerable children returning to school? The procedures set in place for daily life at school are horrific and children would become traumatised & mentally ill if subjected to such abuses. CHILD ABUSE! School age children more likely to be hit by lightning than die of coronavirus”                            

Do you really think the British Government does NOT know the answers to the above questions?                     For further information send an email:    [email protected]                                                                                  We can send you a very high quality research document by email [and answer any questions and send other info].

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