Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 June 2020

Human Race Get Off Your Knees

An email received this morning…

“England is being released from lock down fairly rapidly (in relative terms!) but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are still effectively locked down.  Why is this?  Is the population of England so great they had to give some kind of release to prevent social unrest? or are they experimenting on the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Swansea, Cardiff, Belfast?  Testing what?   Outside of the cities the rest of these small countries are so rural  that the population is sparse and the five mile restriction (Wales) completely unworkable.  Our nearest shop is 7 miles away.  The nearest big supermarket nearer 20 miles.

A lot of work has been carried out on Swansea city centre during the lockdown (see Wales Online) and 14 large five geeee towers have been given the go ahead by Cardiff planning dept.  Presumably this means that in Cardiff, at least, it is not up and running, and yet, I remember it being announced quite a while ago that Cardiff was one of the test centres and five geeee was already in place.

According to UK column social engineering is being tested in Scotland before it is applied in the rest of UK.

As a social scientist I have examined many possibilities but wondered if you have any insider information.  Whilst the Guardian assures us that Wales is happy with Drakesford cautious approach to releasing lock down and protecting the public the reality is different.”

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