Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 15 June 2020

Planning a Wedding During COVID – 7 Basic Things You Should Know

Ceremonies all around the world are being canceled due to the worldwide infectious spread of Coronavirus. Not only weddings more than a thousand events have been canceled in this span of the past 3 months. First off, we need to answer a simple question to end your worry, are weddings allowed at the moment? Yes, but only in exceptional circumstances and regulations. It doesn’t really change, whether you’re planning a wedding for later this year or if you’re planning a small intimate wedding at your home, it’s all going to look different because of this pandemic.  

You should know that if you are preceding your wedding events in this pandemic, you must be ready to adjust a lot of your expectations. The first thing that’s going to reduce is the number on your guest’s list. However, just the handle those few guests you will be implementing a lot of safety precautions such as temperature scanners, sanitizing stations, masks and waivers and a goodie for the guests i.e. personal notes along with your pictures, customized bands, and lanyards (could help in keeping count as well) so they would keep calm and enjoy their time even in this difficult time period. Also, making your guests believe that you are taking precautions, could help them gain confidence. 

Along with all, the advice above, you should consider taking the following measures at your wedding as well: 

Follow the government guidelines

Once your date and location of the wedding are finalized, that should be your own home, you need to pay attention to the experts and what do they have to say about it. A famous company that caters events has given out advice that goes like pay attention to what venues are allowed to do and how they can make sure their guests are safe. We know it’s your wedding day but we also know that making a lot of people sick is the last thing you want in your celebration. 

Smaller guests list

It’s important to be aware of your guests’ plans and you should also understand if any of your guests choose not to come to your wedding or pre-wedding function. Your guests may not come due to the fear of this virus, so we recommend that lowering the guest count would be beneficial for you. When your list is decided, get tags or customized lanyards printed for each of the guests so you know when each one of them is here. This way you could have an official count of the guests. 4inlanyards has been providing this service for the last 17 years. You could get your customized lanyards printed according to your event specifications. They also deliver your required order just within 48 hours. And even in this worldwide pandemic, they are still offering all of their services to the customers.

Keeping your guests entertained

The people who will be coming to your wedding would be keeping a lot on stake, you need to have full safety measures for them. And along with the safety you might need to buy a few gratitude gifts.  

Keep your guests informed

If any of you have already sent out their wedding invitations, you might need to update your guests about the changes in your event. The best way is to make a group or a website where all the guests can get your message.  

Update the group or the website with new information that you want to share with your guests. As you know it’s a modern era and most of the work is done online, so why not invite you, guests, through an online invitation? 

Arrange the event with what’s available

The current pandemic might stop you from getting a dream wedding as there could be a shortage of fresh flowers or any other decorative items. You could contact any local shop for such decorations as many of the big event planning companies have been closed for the past few months.

Use local goods

When you will be working for welcome bags, choose to work with what’s available. We would recommend you to choose your local stores for such things they might have a surprise hidden for you. There might be less variety but increased chances that you get yourself paying the best as getting less chance to get the disease.

Practicing extra hygiene and safety

As per the health, the organization gives us various guidelines to follow during these kinds of pandemic conditions and there are multiple safety measures that are advised by the government to make the environment healthy and safe as to decrease the spread of disease. These measures should be taken properly to keep yourself and the ones around you secure. Washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, keeping a distance when in public, avoid shaking hands, avoid touching your faces especially when you’re in public, all these precautions must be followed even if you are planning a small wedding event at tour home

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