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Patokh Сhodiev: how a dream governs life

The famous Kazakhstan businessman Patokh Сhodiev is convinced that it is a dream that is the secret to the success of any person. His biography is a prime example. Patokh is not the heir to wealthy parents; financial support did not indulge him financially. He had only a dream and moral support of his family. As you can see, it was the desire to achieve the great things that led him to the status of a billionaire.

Dream and success always go hand in hand. With sufficient motivation, everyone is able to move mountains. Only a truly strong person will fight to achieve their goals. You are mistaken if you are confident that the doors to a brighter future are open only to those born in a wealthy family. An example of the fact that this is far from the most important thing is the story of Patokh Сhodiev.

Patokh Сhodiev: family, study and first steps in business

The family of Chodiev was the most supportive through many years. His father Chodiev Kayum and six brothers always found the right words of support that helped Patokh strengthen his faith in himself. Yes, the Chodiev family did not live in abundance for many years, but most importantly, they were together. Despite the fact that Patokh’s father was a respected man in the Jizzakh region, he held the post of director of the largest Jizzakh cotton mill in the Hungry Steppe for a long time, and then became the head of the Jizzakh regional department of harvesting and processing cotton, the work brought enough money only for the basic maintenance of children (buying food and clothes). Kayum Chodiev could not afford tutors. Patokh believes that this played into his hands only. He studied a lot and achieved everything himself.

The future businessman graduated from school with a gold medal, and then entered the university of his dreams – MGIMO at the Faculty of International Law. Chodiev repeatedly told in his interviews about one unpleasant incident that he experienced on the first day at the university. It was then that his hands almost dropped.

Chodiev planned to enter the faculty mentioned above, but he was most interested in the main bonus – learning the Japanese language. Patokh Chodiev knew that there was a group at the faculty of international law at the institute that was intensively studying Japanese. By the arrival of Patokh she was already full. He was offered many alternatives – English, German, Bulgarian and other languages, but Patokh was not interested in any replacements. Upon learning the bad news, he was so angry that he abandoned his seat and, slamming the door, left.

“I left confidently, but after the door was closed… Honestly, I did not understand what to do next,” Patokh Chodiev shares his memory.

Such a reaction to information from the university can be understood, because from childhood, Chodiev considered life and work in Japan to be his main dream. Why look for an alternative where it should not be? Stubbornness was justified, and destiny rewarded Patokh for his desire. On the same day at MGIMO, Patokh met a teacher, whom he told about what had happened. It was he who became his guardian angel and arranged for another place to appear in the group. Patokh Chodiev became the 13th student at the Faculty of International Law with a focus on the study of the Japanese language. The best years of the life of a Kazakhstan businessman began with this. Patokh is so grateful to this time that he still does everything so that the university flourishes and praises MGIMO in its interviews.

“Here I learned to love, make friends, gained invaluable knowledge. All the years of study at MGIMO I eagerly absorbed science. I am convinced that there is no better place for young promising minds who like to receive useful information, and not just sit out for classes,” said the businessman.

Patokh Chodiev: father’s support made a billionaire out of a dreamer

Kayum helped to follow in the right direction not only to Patokh Chodiev, but also to his other sons – Hakim, Nabi, Kasym, Fazyl, Rabul, Kabul. He raised respectable people. Kayum raised children in love, mutual respect, taught to keep fair and noble thoughts.

“I took care of my family. They grew up beautiful and well-mannered. The love and respect given to them returned to me seven times. I am convinced more than once that a rule applies in life: what you sow is what you will reap,” Father Patokh Chodiev shared his wisdom.

In November 2018, Kayum Chodiev passed away. The whole family of the Kazakhstani billionaire still feels the bitterness of losing a loved one. All his sons are infinitely grateful to his father for his support. If he had not placed the values in the family correctly, had not taught the children to believe in the dream and achieve their goals, it would be unlikely that they would become such famous people in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Patokh Chodiev himself grew from a simple boy-dreamer into a respected businessman, having lived in Japan for many years and now being an important person. Returning to his homeland, he built his own business and raised more than one generation of talented businessmen. Chodiev is known around the world as one of the main persons in the Eurasian National Resources Corporation.


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