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Walking Through An Alternative History – Documentary Series – Do You Want To Be Involved?

Some of you may recall that I was putting together a documentary series for Ickonic, at the start of the year. Obviously since then, the planet went certifiable, and everything was put on hold. Fortunately I am able to get started on developing the series, but without the benefit of as much planning time. 

Here is a brief description of what I’m trying to do…

I will be walking different routes around the UK, visiting sites of different historical importance, and talking to researchers. 

Most, if not all documentary series like this one, have a select few historians, who tend to stick to their learned history. The kind you’ll find in textbooks approved by the state, and repeated as fact for generations. I’m more interesting in the theories that question them. 

Here are the dates for filming, the routes and landmarks we’re looking to cover. 

Walk One – August 7th – Stonehenge to Avebury

Three interviews

  • Stonehenge 
  • Pewsey White Horse 
  • Avebury

Walk Two – August 10th – Isle of Wight

Three interviews

  • Culver Down
  • Carisbrooke Castle
  • The Needles

Walk Three – August 12th – London – Whitechapel to Globe Theatre

Three interviews

  • Whitechapel
  • Parliament
  • Globe Theatre

Walk Four – August 17th – Derbyshire – 9 Ladies to Buxton

Three interviews

  • 9 Ladies                          
  • Arbour Low
  • Buxton (Solomons Temple)

Walk Five – August 19th – Warwick Castle to Coventry Cathedral

Three interviews

  • Warwick Castle                         
  • Kenilworth Castle
  • Coventry Cathedral 

Walk Six – August 26th – Hadrians Wall

Three interviews

  • Housestead Roman Fort        
  • Cawfield Quarry
  • Brampton Roman Fort

If you are a historian/researcher and would like to be involved with the series, please drop me an email at [email protected]


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