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Nearly half front-line IOW medical staff refuse flu vaccine for reasons including it might make me ill, the vaccine doesn’t work, never had flu so don’t want the vaccine, and I have had the flu after the vaccine

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust CEO, Maggie Oldham, said staff who were not vaccinated could be removed from frontline duties and that other trusts had discussed withholding sick pay if a staff member chose not to have the vaccine, and then caught the flu.

Just over half of frontline medical staff had the flu vaccine this year, despite a trust target of 100 per cent, with at least one person declining because they were vegan.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust set an ‘ambitious target’ of vaccinating all healthcare workers who have direct contact with patients.

However, just 53 per cent of staff took up the free, optional vaccine. Only half of the trust’s doctors — 157 out of 313 — opted to have the jab.

Nurses and midwives had the highest vaccination rate, at 60 per cent.

1,261 staff not vaccinated
Out of the 1,261 staff not vaccinated, only 47 returned forms stating why they would not be having the jab. Many did not put their names, role or location on.

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