Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 June 2020

4th Industrial Revolution – Orwellian for Sub Human De-Volution

They want to merge your children with machines and they are not even trying to hide it anymore. They are glossing over it with “we will be saving you from yourself” because humans are the problem you see.

The hoax of Human Caused Climate Change (with a little help from actor Leonardo DiCaprio) is being used as an excuse to usher in the Transhumanist (sub humanist) Agenda. The very same one “conspiracy Theorists” have been writing about for decades.

This video begins by ushering you into a lull of comfort by showing you how this technology will help the environment with new and renewable energy sources. It then shifts into the artificial intelligence aspect of their cyborg agenda. Of course they are selling it to you by showing you the obvious benefits for those with paralysis, but as you watch this video it is abundantly clear that they are selling you something entirely different and much more nefarious.

The interviewee’s go on to mention Genome Editing which sounds incredible until you take a close look at those who are implementing this technology and what it really entails. Prince Charles was one of the main speakers at The World Economic Forum, knowing that the British Royals have a long history supporting the ideology of Hitlers Nazi party, does it not stand to reason that we should at least be wary of allowing these individuals anywhere near this technology let alone deciding what goes in our children’s bodies?

What we are looking at here is a board of individuals making decisions for the world that they have no right to make. What sort of mind believes it has the right to decide what you put in your body? or how your children’s future should look? that very mindset is psychopathic in the extreme. The World Economic Forum along side the World Health Organisation are nudging humanity towards a very dark agenda that actually goes back hundreds possibly thousands of years and I would say locks in with the Ideology of an “elite” controlling race baring down on the rest of humanity. This humanity will be controlled in large part by microchipped technology that will be placed within the body.

The late great Jim Marrs wrote about the 4th Reich in his fascinating book The Rise of The Fourth Reich and it is clear that the video above fits hand in leather glove with the same Ideology held by Hitlers Nazi Party.

Humanity has been stunned into compliance during the Covid 19 “Pandemic” but we need to shake off the confusion and wake up fast, because the psychopaths have crawled out from the shadows and are rushing out every facet of their totalitarian regime before our very eyes.

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